Top 5 E.L.F Cosmetics Holy Grail Products You NEED

If you’re a makeup lover, then odds are you know certain makeup products will have the exact same effects despite having vastly different price tags. E.L.F cosmetics is known for its affordability and while that certainly shows in some of their products, other makeup pieces will leave you speechless after hearing the brand name. Check out this handful of products that E.L.F absolutely nailed.

1. Poreless Putty Primer

Of course, I had to start with E.L.F.’s coveted primer. This product sells out quite quickly after each restock because of how amazing it is at blurring your face pre-foundation to give you movie star perfection. The product was instantly on every beauty lover’s radar after an extensive review done by YouTuber Jeffree Star where he compares it to Tatcha’s Silk Canvas Primer.

2. Heart Defensor Highlighter

This highlighter in Coffee ‘N Cream just doesn’t disappoint. Whether you want a bronze highlight for a more natural, sunkissed look or a bright white highlight that will blind your onlookers, this product is sure to deliver.

3. HD Lifting Concealer

I have tried out my fair share of E.L.F concealers, and while the 16HR Camo Concealer is getting the spotlight right now, I still believe the HD Lifting Concealer is the one that should get some recognition. Although the shades are limited, it is highly blendable and buildable which is the ultimate combination for great concealers.

4. Hello Hydration Face Cream

Even though this isn’t a makeup product per se, it is still pivotal for the makeup routine. Hydration is a key step before plastering liquids, powders and clays on your face that could dry your skin out. This face cream made quite the impression on skincare lovers because of how good of a job it did for only 12 USD!

5. Contour Palette

Last but certainly not least, I had to include the contour palette that I have “hit pan” on and recently restocked. It is one of the only palettes in which I have found a use for every shade. The powders also sit well on the skin to even out whatever foundation you’ve just applied without causing creases or unsightly textures.

Here you have it! The top 5 holy grail E.L.F. Cosmetics products you should totally try out! Let us know what you think of them if you have tried them!

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