FaceApp Challenge: Best Celebrities Photos Using FaceApp

Over the years we’ve seen trends that include staying still, planking, crazy dances, and pouring freezing cold water over yourself that have swept the internet. It’s hard to imagine what our favorite celebrities will look like as elders, but thanks to the FaceApp challenge taking over social media, we’re getting an exclusive sneak preview.

Many celebrities have been posting pictures of themselves with an old-age filter. No one really knows who started the FaceApp Challenge, but it has celebrities and people all over the internet posting photos of what they may look like in 50 years, and wow, it’s hilarious. Let’s see what celebrities have accepted this challenge and had the best submissions.


Best Submissions

Up first, Dwayne Wade is rocking out the white hair and beard. He called himself “Grandpa Wade” in his latest Instagram post.


Drake doesn’t look so bad as an old man either. He has some gray hairs on his beard, but not many. Don’t we all wish we could age like that!


Sam Smith wowed us all by posting a picture of himself in a tiara with the old-man filter on and he still looks REALLY good. So many fans laughed when Sam posted on Instagram and Sam replied back, “Ok. Enough Now.”


The Jonas Brothers even took a trip to the year 3000 in their latest Instagram post. Fans sure got a kick out of that caption and what the boys look like.


Charlie Puth also accepted the challenge and said he’ll be extremely old when he releases his next song. People got a big laugh out of that. He’s not so bad looking as an old man too.


Former Bachelor, Colton Underwood accepted the challenge and he said that he wants to get many other Bachelor’s to do the same. Colton’s picture is pretty hilarious.


He even got another former Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk to do the same. Arie laughed and said his was worth the wait and added more grey hairs to his head. He jokingly said, “This is what I look like with a FULL head of grey hairs.” Arie even posted a picture of the future Mr. & Mrs. Luyendyk which got fans going crazy.


Tori Kelly isn’t a bad looking old woman either. She posted a picture of herself with the old-woman filter on by saying, “Pretty Fades.”


Singer-songwriter, JoJo had a pretty hilarious picture as well. She called herself “Nana Jo” which was beyond funny to see the future JoJo.


One last best post goes to Kevin Hart. He honestly still looks the same, but with just whiter hair. It’s so funny to see what the future you could look like, isn’t it?


Check out what today’s celebrities might look like in the future, and try out the app yourself to see what you could look like as well. Be sure to download to the FaceApp today.

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