Top 10 Things To Look Forward To In The Fall

Although summer is filled with some of the best things in life like later sunsets, pool days, and going to the beach, Fall can sometimes seem like a snap back into reality. While some might see fall as a drag that comes after summer, others see it has the best time a year with the transition into the start of it arguably being one of the best times of the year.

1. Pumpkin Patches

pumkin patch


One of the first thing people think of when they think of fall is everything pumpkin. All the pumpkin-flavored food and drinks start to roll out onto the shelves as the cravings for the lightly spices products increases. Not only does everything you can imagine to be pumpkin flavored come out, but your closest pumpkin patch also beginnings to flourish. Something about going to a pumpkin patch just to walk around, picking out one to turn into delicious bread, or just finding the perfect one for carving at Halloween is best experienced in the atmosphere brought about by the season change.

2. Cool Weather

cool weather


Let’s face it, summer can get hot. Uncomfortably hot. The aspect of cooler weather brought about by the season change could arguably be its best quality. While not completely freezing like when winter rolls around, fall weather is the perfect blend of cool and warm that lead to the cutest layered outfits.

3. Cozy PJs



With the cooler weather, it is sweater season. And more importantly then what you are wearing when you leave the comfortably of your house is what you change into immediately upon arrival back after a long day. Nothing beats the feeling of a warm shower, throwing on a nice soft sleep set and cozying up with a warm cup of hot chocolate or apple cider.

4. Halloween



One of the holidays that lies in the fall in addition to Thanksgiving is the classic Halloween. Arguably one of the best holidays in terms of uniqueness and preparation, some people even start preparing their costumes for this special night all year. Whether you celebrate this holiday with attending a large costume party, trick or treating, or a scary movie night with you closest friends, the vibes brought about by this eccentric and special holiday are something to anticipate with excitement.

5. Pumpkin Spice Lattes



We all know those people who love fall solely for all items pumpkin spice that hit the shelves, restaurants, and shops during the fall. One of the classics that started this movent of Pumpkin spice was Starbuck’s PSL otherwise known as Pumpkin Spice Lattes. This blend spices up you regular latter of coffee and milk with a touch of cinnamon and pumpkin that can be addictive to all coffee and pumpkin flavor lovers.

6. Crunchy Leaves

crunchy leaves


This satisfaction crunching the perfect leaf is unbeatable. Need there I say more?

7. Apple Picking



In addition to pumpkins being in season, so are apples. Good apples can be turned into cider or doughnuts for all to enjoy at your local apple farm. If you arent near a place to pick apples, baking something apple spice is still all the more enjoyable and worthwhile.

8. Football



Nothing screams America more then the game of football. Thanksgiving day traditions can even be centered around this classic sport who’s main starting season enlys in the fall and continues through the winter season. Gathering up your best of friends every Sunday with snacks and a viewing party is a great way to start your week on a high note.

9. Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider

hot chocolate


Warm drinks thrive in the fall. They essentially have the ability to warm you from the inside out. Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider are great for when you have that sweet tooth craving and want to get rid of that extra chill.

10. Scary Movie Season

scary movie


Something about scary movies in the fall hit differently. Whether it be because the majority of them take place in the fall or the desire to stay indoors goes up. Fall=spooky season.

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