Here is the Most Popular Desert In Every USA State

Each state has its own dessert that they are popularly known for. Whether it be pies, cakes, or ice cream, here are all too delicious results that will surely make you crave sweets all day.

1. Alabama: Fried peach pies

Check out the recipe for fried peach pies!

2. Alaska: Ice cream

3. Arizona: Eegees

‘Arizona: Eegees. It’s an Italian ice slush dessert that you can only get in Tucson.’ –allisonw4a745c593

4. Arkansas: Possum pie

‘Arkansas is possum pie! Don’t get bowed up ‘cause of the name! The thick layer of whipped cream hides the delectable layers of chocolate pudding and rich cream cheese.’ –shelbyt4529a7420

5. California: Boysenberry pie

6. Colorado: Peach pie

7. Connecticut: Carvel ice cream

8. Delaware: Strawberry pretzel salad

9. Florida: Key lime pie

‘Florida is definitely key lime pie.’ – louisatayloor

10. Georgia: Peach cobbler

‘Georgia’s dessert is peach cobbler!’ – edithkateq

11. Hawaii: Haupia

‘Haupia is our dessert from Hawaii. It’s a refreshingly delicious coconut-flavored, all-white little cube. It has the consistency that’s in between a jello square and creamy pudding depending on the recipe, but everyone knows the best ones are somewhere right in the middle.’ – carlim

12. Idaho: Potato ice cream

‘The only acceptable dessert that Idaho should be known for is potato ice cream. Not real potato ice cream, just ice cream made to look like a baked potato.’ – jennag46bf3b066

13. Illinois: Frozen custard

‘Illinois is known for frozen custard.’ – cakegirl23

14. Indiana: Hoosier pie

‘Hoosier pie is a three-ingredient pie that is sometimes known as sugar cream pie. It’s the most popular and delicious hoosier treat in all of Indiana! It’s creamy and sugary enough to make your taste buds happy. And yes, it is the secret to every hoosier’s sweet personality!’ – marrokun

15. Iowa: Scotcharoos

‘Iowa: Scotcharoos. They’re Rice Krispies with peanut butter, sugar, and corn syrup topped with melted chocolate and butterscotch chips. Everything you need in a dessert!’ – mackenzielynnek

16. Kansas: Peppernuts

17. Kentucky: Derby pie

18. Louisiana: Beignets

19. Maine: Whoopie pies

‘Whoopie pies! They’re absolutely a Maine staple.’ – mollysamson12

20. Maryland: Smith Island cake

21. Massachusetts: Boston cream pie

22. Michigan: Bumpy cake

23. Minnesota: Lemon bars

24. Mississippi: Mud pie

‘Mississippi mud pie! It’s chocolate cake with marshmallows, pecans, and chocolate icing.’ – bethanyb419832b0c

25. Missouri: Gooey butter cake

26. Montana: Huckleberry pie

‘For Montana, it has to be huckleberry pie or ice cream!’ – dreyaeger1998

27. Nebraska: Tin roof sundae

‘Nebraska’s dessert is the tin roof sundae. It’s a scoop of chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, then a scoop of vanilla ice cream with warm marshmallow cream. Finally, the whole sundae is topped with skin-on Spanish peanuts. They’re best when you get them in Potter, Nebraska, where they were first created.’ – alexandriagarlick

28. Nevada: Basque cake

‘Basque cake is a delicious, yet simple custard-filled cake that’s well-known in Nevada!’ – rachelem13

29. New Hampshire: Apple cider donuts

30. New Jersey: Cannolis

31. New Mexico: Sopapillas

‘New Mexico’s favorite dessert is sopapillas! They’re delicious, fried pillows that you eat with honey, and they taste like HEAVEN! I’ve never tasted heaven, but this is what I imagine it tastes like.’ – laurenk4ee1c5b1b

32. New York: Cheesecake

33. North Carolina: Sweet potato pie

34. North Dakota: Caramel rolls

‘North Dakota’s favorite dessert is caramel rolls. You may think you’ve had a good caramel roll, and you may even think they’re just a breakfast item, but you are wrong. North Dakota caramel rolls are at minimum six inches across, soft, and slightly chewy, oozing with cinnamon. They have so much caramel that they almost look like they’ve been piled high with frosting.’ – ndgal

35. Ohio: Buckeyes

36. Oklahoma: Fried pies

37. Oregon: Marionberry pie

38. Pennsylvania: Shoofly pies

39. Rhode Island: Zeppoles

‘Rhode Island zeppoles. They’re plate-sized circles of fried dough topped with powdered or regular sugar.’ – erduran1307

40. South Carolina: Chess pie

41. South Dakota: Kuchen

‘South Dakota’s dessert is kuchen, a sweet dough that contains a fruit or custard filling.’ – krockin2000

42. Tennessee: Moon pies

43. Texas: Texas sheet cake

44. Utah: Green Jell-O

45. Vermont: Maple creemee

46. Virginia: Pecan pie

47. Washington: Apple pie

‘Washington loves apple pie! The best apples grow here, and they make killer pies.’ – notaglassoflemonade

48. West Virginia: Molasses cookies

49. Wisconsin: Custard

‘Wisconsin’s favorite dessert is custard. The most famous is Culver’s, which is amazing, but the best is Kopp’s. Hands down.’ – jacquiu

50. Wyoming: Huckleberry ice cream

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