7 Very Cute Piercing Ideas & Examples

[protected-iframe id=”9062b10d2caff1fdce4ec693fbe41982-860993-117394571″ info=”https://pin.it/2l4mvhxcf2xvq5″ ]When looking at a change in terms of look, some people opt for a hair dye, cut, or an entirely new wardrobe. Another way to spice up your look is some added bling. Piercings are an easy way to subtlety add jewels in unique and cute ways. Dainty jewelry is in, here are seven cute places to lowkey add to your overall look and style this summer or any time of the year.

1. Tragus

If you are looking for something subtle and unique, the tragus is the way to go. While might be more painful going through thick cartilage, the healing process is pretty quick and the pay off is something special.

2. Belly Button

If able to pull off in a none tacky way a belly button piercing is a cute addition to any outfit with a crop top.

3. Helix

One of the most common piercings outside of lobe piercings is the helix. Can either be rocked with a stud or a hoop, but this easy piercing is easily hidden or shown off.

4. Double Helix

If one helix won’t do, opt for the double for the extra little bling.

5. Upper Lobe

The upper lobe is a classic after getting your regular lobe. This is one of the most standard but also the most classic for those a little more afraid of other places.

6. Nose

Can’t go wrong with a nose piercing, similar to a helix it looks great with either a stud or a hoop. This one is for the more risky person wanting to branch away from the ears and try something new.

7. Rook

Rook is a little more unique but similar to the tragus is a great addition to anyone looking to branch out from the standard piercing.