The 7 Tips To Repair & Maintain Healthy Hair

Excessive hair spray use, regular teasing, and bleaching hair at our bathroom sinks are things of the past (at least for those of us concerned with the health of our hair). We are living in an age where natural, healthy hair is worshipped more than heat styled colorful strands. The key to pulling off that healthy hair look that all girls envy is learning how to take care of your hair and maximizing its health! We establish skincare routines and makeup routines, so why not haircare routines? Check these tips out to get your natural locks looking their best!

1. Regular Trims

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The feared trim is something all of us have put off in favor of longer, more feminine hair. But the reality is that the sight of brittle, ratty ends is anything but feminine. The length that expired ends give you is just an illusion. The breakage caused by split ends thins the hair out constantly, making it so that the long hair you seek can never reach its full potential. That is why the first step to maintaining healthy hair is regular trims! Healthy ends will help your hair to constantly look its best while promoting growth that actually stays!

2. Hair-Protecting Products

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In addition to keeping your ends fresh, it’s important for your hair to gear up for the day with leave-in products. Leave-in conditioner is a godsend for strands more prone to dryness. Not to mention, wet hair is both extremely vulnerable and absorbent, so applying products that benefit it while protecting it is important during your post-shower ritual. The key is to figure out how much product your hair can take before it starts to get weighed down or look greasy.

Girls with thick curly hair may go through a product faster than a girl with thin straight hair, so balance is key. There is a myriad of products out there designed for specific hair types along with specific environments like humidity. Find out what your hair type is or what kind of curl you have and research the best leave-in conditioners and serums for your hair!

3. Protective Hairstyles

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Our locks need our help to weather harsh conditions on our head. Trips to the pool, beach, lake, etc. can damage our hair on an unseen level. Even just sleeping can cause unwanted frizziness and breakage. This is why it is important to secure our hair in protective hairstyles such as braids to help our strands stay strong, especially when wet.

Tip: Getting a silk pillowcase can help with protecting your hair overnight and avoiding frizziness.

Tip: Applying conditioner before going swimming can do wonders for your hair, especially for those of us with a bleached head as the conditioner keeps the hair from turning green in the pool!

4. Minimizing Heat

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It’s hard to resist the appeal of pin straight hair when you’re so used to poofy hair or having bombshell curls as opposed to your regular straight locks, but keeping your hair heat-free is a major step to restoring its health. Regularly using heat-styling tools can cause all kinds of damage in just a single use! Prolonged used can even cause split ends, so you may want to rethink firing up that curling iron every morning. The more time you allow your hair to breathe and air dry, the more shine and bounce you will start to see.

Tip: In cases where heat-styling cannot be avoided, use a heat protectant to minimize heat damage as well as a styling balm to minimize the amount of heat you need to use.

5. Washing And Brushing Habits

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Sometimes, healthy hair can just come down to the basics: how much you shampoo/condition your hair as well as how often you brush it. It’s easy for us to lose track of such simple things, especially when we lead hectic lifestyles. However, it’s important to get a routine down pact that works for your hair type. For some girls, washing daily is acceptable while for others, once a week is ideal to avoid drying out the scalp. Brushing your hair regularly is also more realistic for those with straighter hair while getting a brush through curly hair is nearly impossible without being in the shower sporting a head full of detangler. Brushing your hair as often as your head permits is vital since the buildup of knots can cause breakage.

Tip: To avoid greasiness straight out of a shower, focus the shampoo on your scalp and the conditioner on your ends.

6. Treatments

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Just like how your skin can benefit from a face mask every week, your hair could use a hair mask just as often. Hair masks are packed with all kinds of oils and ingredients that soak into your strands, causing your hair to rehydrate, repairing damage, and improving the look of it. Regular treatments are optimal to maintain the health of your hair, especially for those with bleached/damaged hair.

7. Vitamins

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The internal health of your body plays a huge role in how healthy your hair can be. Sometimes you can do everything by the book, but if your strands aren’t their strongest coming out of your scalp, the most important thing you can do is to make sure your diet is in tip-top shape. Our eating habits affect every part of our appearance including body odor and acne. Not consuming enough essential vitamins can affect the look of your hair. If this dilemma applies to you, you can try taking daily vitamins, especially ones that focus on hair-health. Just remember to consult a physician before taking your vitamins!

Self-care is the theme of this day and age! We should be more prideful than ever to take care of ourselves and flaunt our looks in their natural state! Try these hair care tips and let us know how they work out for you!

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