10 of the Best Milkshakes To Try On Your Next Road Trip

One of the best part about road trips: the food. Whether we are talking about the snack food you get at gas stations during the duration of your trip or famous restaurants you have always wanted to try, something about food in the middle of a long time spent in the car hits different. Another thing that tastes extra good after several hours cooped up, is a nice sugary milkshake. Below listed are 10 of the best milkshakes found across the United States and where to get them for the next time you plan on going anywhere long distance and want to spice up your pallet with something fun and sweet.

1. Black Tap (New York, New York; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Disneyland)


Initial restaurant based in New York, Black Tap, became famous for their crazy milkshakes. Flavors ranging from including whole pieces of cake to pop tarts.

2. Superior Dairy (Hanford, California)


7 dollar shakes from Superior Dairy have a classic taste and vibe that won’t leave milkshake lovers disappointed.

3. Holsteins Shakes and Buns (Las Vegas, Nevada)


Not the only one on this list Holsteins offers a variety of classic flavored milkshakes, but alcohol infused ones as well. Unique flavors, some in which include potato chips, are sure to not leave you feeling empty.

4. Sassafras American Eatery (Denver, Colorado)


These unique booze and nonbooze filled milkshakes are served in a mason jar at the southern style Sassafras American Eatery.

5. Margie’s Candies (Chicago, Illinois)


Classic milkshakes at this third-generation owned Margie’s Candiesis known for their extra-thick shakes that all come topped with whipped cream and a cookie.

6. FLIP Burger Boutique (Atlanta)


Eatery who’s owner was featured on Top Chef and further went on to win Top Chef: All Stars is the mastermind between combining a classy place with a regular burger joint for every food lover at FLIP Burger Boutique.

7. Black Sheep Burgers and Shakes (Springfield, Missouri)


These milkshakes usually feature flavors that can’t be found anywhere else other than Black Sheep.

8. Burger Republic (Nashville, Tennessee)


With a 22 milkshake flavor menu, 11 spiked ones and 11 non-spiked, are all handspun at the Burger Republic in Nashville.

9. Coney Waffle (Belmar, New Jersey)


Coney Waffle has all things Carnival vibes including old school style ice cream and shakes.

10. Vicky’s House (Miami, Florida)


Vicky’s House in Miami is something in and of itself. With “milkshake bar and tasting room,” you are sure to have an eccentric experience.

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