10 Easy To Read Books To Finish by The End of Summer

When we think of summer, we don’t necessarily think of books. We think of things like pool parties and beach weekends. However, for some, summer can also lead to more downtime than usual and its times for relaxation of all forms. While at the beach, outside tanning, or lounging around your house, a good way to relax your mind and disconnect from technology is picking up a good and easy read. Below we have listed 10, affordable quick reads that will leave your brain feeling refreshed over sometime in the sun or bundled up on a cozy couch.

1. Summer Hours

Price: $11.89

If you are a recent graduate this book will be relatable on all levels. Similar vibes to that of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, this coming of age and interesting story will keep you reading all day.

2. The Bookish Life

Price: $11.20

This comedic story is sure to have you laughing out loud with its tales of Nina’s adventures.

3. Meet Me in Monaco

Price: $11.89

Loosely based on the romance story between Grace Kelly and her prince, luxuriously painted tale of the city and charisma of the two main characters will have you daydreaming.

4. The Wedding Party

Price: $10.49

New York Times Best Selling Author adds to her collection with this intriguing story of two protagonists who are conjoined by the association of hatred for one another. 

5. The Floating Feldman’s

Price: $11.20

This feel-good story about a crazy family will bring a smile to your face with details of traveling and adventure. This book will either remind you of happenings with your own or rather make you feel grateful it was never so chaotic.

6. Her Royal Highness

Price: $11.85

This book will definitely give you Gossip Girl and teen movie drama vibes when reading about how the main protagonist adventures to a Scottish boarding school and all the encounters and conflict that is to result.

7. The Last Book Party

Price: $8.36

Taking place in Cape Cod during the 1980s, this back is sure to make you feel some sense of nostalgia for the past.

8. A Stranger by the Beach

Price: $19.59

If romance isn’t your thing, this scary summer story will definitely get you rattled. Best read while basking in the sun versus in the dark of night, the story is sure to keep you wired.

9. Hot Dog Girl

Price: $12.32

This book is sure to make you giggle and also feel a sense of longing for the easy days of summer in a perfect combination of humor in earnestly that is featured in Hot Dog Girl.

10. The Rest of the Story

Price: $11.98

This romantic story is bound to get you in the feels this summer or just entertain you in your days of relaxation.

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