Lifetime Turning College Admissions Scandal Into TV Movie: Details

Earlier this year, actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were involved in the famous college admissions scandal which accused wealthy parents of spending millions in bribes and committing fraud to make sure their child is admitted to the school. Lifetime will now be turning that scandal into a movie.

Huffman and Loughlin were among the high profile names facing charges, with the former pleading guilty back in May to a charge of conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lifetime announced a movie based on the scandal’s events will be aired in the fall.

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“College Admissions Scandal will follow two wealthy mothers who share an obsession with getting their teenagers into the best possible college,” a description for the movie reads. “When charismatic college admissions consultant Rick Singer offers a side door into the prestigious institutions of their dreams, they willingly partake with visions of coveted letters in their heads.”

It’s unknown whether the two wealthy women depicted in the movie will be based on Huffman and Loughlin, though they might be referenced at some point in the film.

Gail Katz and Howard Braunstein will executive produce the film, while Adam Salky will direct, with Stephen Tolkin penning the script. No casting has been announced.


Both actresses have faced the fallout of the scandal. Although Loughlin pleaded not guilty, she will no longer appear on the Hallmark show When Calls the Heart nor the last season of the Full House Netflix spin-off Fuller House. Huffman pleaded guilty to federal charges for paying $15,000 to have a proctor correct SAT questions answered incorrectly by her daughter and sentencing is scheduled for September 13.

Loughlin’s influencer daughter, Olivia Jade, whose USC acceptance was a prominent part of the scandal, has also faced repercussions. In March, just two days after the scandal broke, Sephora announced the company would be ending its makeup partnership with her. TRESemmé also dropped her as a sales partner. Although some media outlets reported that Jade dropped out of USC due to fears of being “viciously bullied,” a university spokesperson confirmed that the 19-year-old remained enrolled at the school.

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