You Won’t Believe the Reason this Bridesmaid Was Kicked Out of a Bridal Party

I’m currently the Maid of Honor in my cousin’s upcoming wedding, so hearing this story was like watching one of my biggest fears unfold. A U.S.-based mystery woman shared a dramatic story of how she was “kicked out” of her “best friend’s” bridal party, due to a conflict with the groom-to-be. The whole fiasco was told through a narrator in an animated YouTube video and the crazy deets are as follows:

The two women were long-time besties, in fact, the bridesmaid says she was the bride’s longest friend out of the entire bridal party. “We were close, very close – despite the fact that we lived on the opposite side of the country,” she said. The two either spoke on the phone or texted every single day, and they even started a tradition of having an annual girls’ trip. “I thought it was a friendship that would last a lifetime,’ the woman said. ‘I thought one of my kids could marry one of her kids.”

But, she was unaware that this life-long friendship would soon take a turn for the worst as a new man entered the picture. For the sake of anonymity, the woman is calling her BFF “Sophie” and her man “Clint”.

The woman says that she instantly saw a change in Sophie from the start of her new quickly-moving relationship. Like any best friend, the woman became concerned and immediately booked a plane ticket to visit Sophie meet this new man in her life. Upon her arrival, she knew that something was very, very off.

Sophie declared to her BFF that she now “wanted to live in the city and have no kids”, contradicting her “life-long desire to live in the mountains surrounded by children and animals.” She also declared that traveling, which according to her BFF was Sophie’s passion, was now a “waste of money” in her eyes.

The woman began to grow even more concerned than she was, hearing Sophie’s change in heart in topics that the two have extensively discussed before.

Not only was something off with Sophie, but with this Clint guy, too. According to the woman, Clint straight-up ignored her existence. “Clint brushed past me, he didn’t speak to me once.” 

After a completely uneventful weekend trip, the woman told herself that Clint was probably just shy, and continued her friendship with Sophie. Then, Sophie called her up one day, telling her that she was now engaged BUT she would not be the Maid of Honor, OH, and that Clint didn’t like her. “Hey girl, I’m engaaaaaged! And my future hubby hates you! Toodles!” (That’s how I picture the conversation went)

Despite this, the woman still enacted her bridesmaid duties and flew to Sophie four days before the wedding to help with last-minute preparation. As she was sitting in the hotel room steaming her bridesmaid dress, there was a sudden knock on the door. (I feel like this is the beginning of every horror movie right here). The knock was none other than Clint, demanding she come to the hotel lobby so he could “talk” to her.

As the woman was “shaking and panicking” with nerves, she reluctantly followed Clint to the lobby where he immediately began to tear into her, calling her “immoral”, “abusive” and a “bad influence” on Sophie. Clint also exclaimed that he saw her “watching vulgar things on her phone featuring women in lingerie.” Now, the woman had NO idea what Clint was talking about, until she recalled one minor incident.

Rewind to when the woman visited Sophie and Clint for the first time. At one point during the weekend, she was watching makeup tutorials on YouTube (out of awkwardness and boredom) when a Victoria’s Secret ad popped up in between.

“Are you kidding me?!” said the woman. Clint responded with, “I’m sensitive to that kind of vulgarity, you know my beliefs.” Clint also claimed that the woman and her husband “flaunted their lifestyle and acted better than him.”

As Sophie’s brother stepped in to attempt to diffuse the situation, the woman recieved a text from Sophie that read, “Based on your drama queen behavior tonight, Clint and I have decided that you are a danger to our wedding. We would prefer if you just sttend as a guest.” The woman and her husband immediatly booked the next flight home, along with 30 other members from their family who were set to also attend the wedding. One other bridesmaid also dropped out of the wedding in support of the woman.

Ultimately, the friendship ended there, as the life-long friends have not spoken since that incident.

The 12-minute video currently boasts almost 3 million views on YouTube, with thousands of comments of viewers thoughts on the situation. The video was posted on “MinuteVideos”, an account that allows people to tell intimate stories from their life while reamaining anonymous.


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