5 Tips To Pick The Perfect Dress For You

Finding the perfect dress for that special occasion has a lot more to do than just how the dress looks and if it fits you. You can find the most bedazzling piece of clothing ever, but if it doesn’t flatter your body, it will only be a disservice to you! Dressing for your body shape is the number one thing to keep in mind when dress shopping, so don’t make the mistake of only going for looks. Here’s a list of general body types and their ideal dresses:

1. Pear

Woman wearing blue belted dress


Being a pear shape means your upper body is smaller than your lower body. Your thighs and bum may be wider than your arms and bust, which means you need to play up your upper half for visual balance. Exposing your shoulders or frills up top will do the trick. Also, pear shapes have naturally smaller waists, so wearing belted dresses to accentuate that aspect will be totally flattering!

2. Inverted Triangle

Woman wearing a pink pleated dress


Those with an inverted triangle body shape will have broader shoulders and bust than their waist. Because of this, it is essential to play up your lower half. You can achieve this by going with a shorter dress to show off your legs or wearing frills at the bottom.

Tip: Avoid strapless dresses and halter necks.

3. Apple

Woman wearing a nude peplum dress with matching shoes and purse


For apple shapes, A-line and peplum dresses will be your best friend. These dresses give the illusion of those sexy curves that dresses are made to accentuate. You can also feel free to show off a little more skin on your limbs so that people’s eyes don’t travel directly to your midsection.

Tip: Employ the use of prints and avoid bodycon dresses.

4. Rectangle

Woman wearing black backless dress


Your limbs will be your best friend when it comes to having the athletic rectangle shape. Dynamic dresses that draw the eye away from the figure are ideal. Also, wearing mini dresses, dresses that expose your back, and ones that have one shoulder will also do the trick.

5. Hourglass

Woman wearing a grey wrap dress


All dresses are made with the hourglass shape in mind, so there’s no need to worry too much! Most dresses are guaranteed to flatter you as long as they fit, so try out all of them and see what you like the most. But when in doubt, go for a wrap dress or a fit and flare for an absolutely stunning fit.

Hopefully, after becoming informed, we can go into the fitting room with more items that not only look good on the rack but on our bodies too!

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