THE 5 Must-Know Steps For Getting Over A Breakup

So, you guys are over. Maybe you’ve gone through this before, or perhaps this is the first time it feels like your heart is missing from your chest. In any case, it’s important to know how to navigate those stormy waters into the smooth sailing of post-breakup peace. These are the most important things to keep in mind while moving on from a fresh breakup:


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Getting over a breakup is ten times harder when you have your ex’s face everywhere around you. Some breakups are gentler than others, maybe even more of a mutual thing. The choice is yours on how to deal with pictures and items. You can choose to hide them, throw them out immediately or straight up torch them. Whatever you pick, it’s an important process in healing. Cleansing your space of negative energy so you can better focus on yourself is not only therapeutic but essential.

Tip: If your ex’s presence still haunts you despite getting rid of his stuff for whatever reason (small town, celebrity, mutual friends, etc.) then you should consider removing yourself from the equation. Take that hiking trip you always said you would or that vacation you had planned for the two of you!

2. Take Time For Yourself

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After removing your ex from your personal space, it is critical for you to be alone. I know, the thought seems scary and almost impossible when a breakup already makes you feel so lonely. However, people change during a relationship, and it’s usually a result of that change that people tend to split. Looking inward and getting to know yourself again as someone single is a significant part of moving on.

3. Find New Interests

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This step is especially crucial for those who just left relationships where you two did virtually everything together. It can be painful to try and maintain the same routine or hobbies. Finding new interests can be critical to feeling like you can have a life apart from your ex, and it can actually be enjoyable. This part of moving on is a great time to go to that pilates class that opened up in town or to find a new park to visit.

4. Reflect On The Relationship

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This step must ultimately be done, especially after learning how to be your own person again. Refusing to reflect on failed relationships can lead to the same things happening over and over again, whether it be choosing the wrong people or making the same mistakes that lead to a breakup. Once you can stomach the thought of your ex and your relationship, take some time to think. You might realize the mistakes you made when originally thinking you made none or realize when you should’ve stood up for yourself. Everyone has their own story, and understanding our stories is key for moving on.

5. Decide What’s Best For Your Mental Health

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Once you’ve successfully done all these steps, you may be ready to open yourself back up to the world. You have to make a decision on which terms to do that on, however. Choosing to be friends with your ex or not is up to you, but it’s essential to make the right decisions concerning your mental health. If the relationship and your ex were toxic, it might be best to put them and the entire ordeal behind you without a backward glance. If you both started as good friends and the whole thing sort of got away from you, then a simple phone call to make amends might be in order. Whatever decisions you make, don’t let anyone force you into anything or make you feel selfish for putting yourself first.

At first, getting over a breakup can seem near impossible. But if you take each day at a time and each step at a time, you will be over it in no time!

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