Jennifer Lopez’s Best Fashion Moments of All Time

The famous actress, singer, dancer, and producer, Jennifer Lopez, better known as J-Lo, is most famous for being a boss and looking good while doing it. To celebrate the artist currently on tour for her music, even at the age of 45, here are some of J-Lo’s best-rocked looks of all time.

1. March 23, 1999


Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Starting off from oldest to newest, this throwback of J-Lo shows that she has been rocking the fashion world since way back. This sparkly ensemble was worn by J-Lo at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 1999.

2. March 25th, 2001

j lo


Academy Awards

Jennifer rocks this look at the Academy Awards in 2001. Although an old look for J-Lo, this outfit would totally fit in with some of the trends going on right now.

3. March 23, 2003

mtv awards


Academy Awards

This elegant dress was pulled off by Lopez at the 2003 Academy Awards and has us all squirming to go out and by something minty.

4. August 29, 2004

j lo


MTV Video Music Awards

A bold moment by Lopez on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards but this time in 2004. Of course, pulling off this strapless dress paired with fun heels.

5. April 26, 2007

us party


US Hot Hollywood Party

No caption needed here.

6. June 12, 2011



Capital Radio Summertime Ball

The summer of 2011, J-Lo steps out in this snakeskin ensemble for the Capital Radio Summertime Ball. All the more tied up with thigh-high boots.

7. January 13, 2013

golden globes


Golden Globes

One of the most remembered looks from J-Lo is that of the 2013 Golden Globes. Featuring this fitted lace dress that had tons of people talking.

8. May 1, 2017

jennifer lopez


Met Gala

Lopez caught looking like Cinderella in the fancy fit.

9. December 12, 2018


Second Act Movie Premiere

Only a few can pull off this color, and J-Lo does it with such ease.

10. February 10, 2019


Grammy Awards

J-Lo rocks a good hat on a red carpet at the 2019 Grammy awards.

11. June 3, 2019


CFDA Fashion Awards

This outfit featuring loads of crystals was worn by J-Lo last month at the CFDA Fashion Awards in Brooklyn.

12. May 6, 2019

performance j lo


It’s My Party Tour

Jennifer has been sporting all of her best looks on her newest tour, the It’s My Party Tour, including all the bedazzled looks.

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