Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse: Dating History & Timeline

Ever since Riverdale aired, fans have been rooting like crazy for team Bughead both in the show and IRL. Through tons of speculation and most recently, some nasty breakup rumors, the pair have been heavily in the public eye since Riverdale got its start. Take a look at the history of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse’s off-screen romance through their uber-private lens:

February 2016

Lili makes her first-ever post about Riverdale, the show in which she and Cole will soon star on together. And go figure, the first two people to be cast were Betty Cooper (Lili) and Jughead Jones (Cole). It’s like ~fate~.

May 2016

Cole makes his debut on Lili’s Instagram, although it’s only a group shot of the four main characters of Riverdale. We still peep that arm around Lili though!

June 2016

Cole makes his (somewhat) solo debut on Lili’s Instagram, only accompanied by his twin bro, Dylan. Hold up, just Lili, Cole, and Dylan hanging out? Is this when Cole introduced his new girl to his twin? We still don’t have concrete evidence, but it seems like things are headed in that direction.

August 2016

Finally, Cole’s solo debut!!! But wait … what’s that … PAL?! “Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my pal, Cole”??? Were all of the signs wrong? We’re confused now.

September 2016

Okay people, we’re lost. Last month it was “pal” now it’s “Betty & Juggy” accompanied by this cute AF pic?! Looks like things might be heating up forreal.

October 2016

Another first! Lili now makes her debut on Cole’s Instagram with a stunning up close and personal shot of herself.

March 2017

We were starting to get worried as neither of the two posted with each other for about five months, but then Cole eased our worries with another stunning shot he took of Lili. Still no official word on their relatonship status though (they’re killing us!!)

October 2017

Jughead and Betty kiss


Yet another hiatus of any signs of a relationship being shown on social media. However, when Cole appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan and was asked about what’s in store for the upcoming Riverdale season, he responded with: “A little bit more of that [kissing], which is gonna be good. They’re contractually obliged to give me as many kiss scenes as possible this season. I wrote it into my contract.”

November 2017

Cole Sprouse Jughead Jones Riverdale

The CW

Another interview, another instance of their romance not being confirmed nor denied. While speaking to People, Cole said, “Lili and I are constantly talked about in the public eye, and for me I think that it is being deeply informed by the love of the characters and wanting to see us together,” he continued, “I think that in many ways it’s offensive and an invasion of privacy, but it’s also a badge of honor because it means you’re creating a chemistry onscreen that is so understandable that people want to see it in real life, which is flattering from a professional perspective.”

November 2017

It seems that Lili has the same liking for Betty and Jughead’s kissing scenes as Cole does. Although this animated pic she posted is only portraying the two’s characters, I think it’s safe to assume it might relate to their out-of-character selves, too.

January 2018

Lili posts this picture of her in Hawaii and although Cole isn’t in the pic, she tags him. Is this their first bae-cation? Still unclear, but from the looks of it, things are getting serious.

April 2018

Looks like another bae-cation! Cole posted this beautiful picture of Lili and set the location as Cuixmala, Mexico. Still, neither Lili nor Cole have officially confirmed their romance but if you’re going to Hawaii and Mexico together, something is up.

May 2018

FIN-AL-LY. Ok, ok, ok, so this isn’t an official confirmation, but this is pretty much as close to offical as you can get. Lili and Cole attended the Met Gala together (both looking absolutely stunning might I add). The Met Gala is the event of all events, and if you show up there together, it’s pretty much written in stone that you’re an item (minus Hailey Bieber and Shawn Mendes)

July 2018

Lili Reinhart Betty Cooper Riverdale

The CW

In a tense interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Lili says this: “I’m not okay talking about my relationship. I’m not going to tell you my love story. That’s just not appropriate right now.” So, we gathered two things from this — One: Lili doesn’t want to talk about her relationship. Two: LILI IS IN A RELATIONSHIP! This is all the confirmation we needed.

August 2018

What a DIFFERENCE two years can make! Flash back to August 2016, Lili posted for Cole’s birthday calling him her “pal”. August 2018 — it’s official — Cole is her “love”. We are screaming over this official Bughead confirmation.

September 2018

It’s now Cole’s turn for an official “Happy Birthday” post for Lili and we were not let down. Cole also labels Lili as his “love” in this sultry topless snap of her. Ahh, the world finally feels like it’s in place.

February 2019

Lili continued to make things official with this sweet Valentine’s Day snap.

March 2019

Betty and Jughead, Riverdale, Jughead


Cole is the first to publically address their relationship while speaking to the Los Angeles Times. When asked about the start of their relationship Cole simply says, “We legitimately could not stay away from one another.” He also adds, “I’ve girded my private life very intentionally. It’s one of those things that I still sort of grapple with, and Lili and I grapple with.”

May 2019

Cole posted this gorgeous photo of Lili from the 2019 Met Gala, in which they again, attended together.

July 2019

Heavy rumors began to circulate that Bughead is no longer and the pair have split. After a few days of fans wildly speculating and gossip sites releasing ridiculous possible causes, Lili and Cole shut things down with this pic and a caption that is totally mic-drop worthy.

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