‘The Simpsons Movie’ Is Finally Getting A Sequel

So, the thirty-year-old unaging family with yellow skin and a flair for couch gags gets to meet the big screen again!

In the summer of 2007, a movie based on the Fox animated series, a.k.a. the longest-running show in TV history, The Simpsons, was released into theaters, first in just Springfield, Vermont (coincidence, I think not), and then in the entire U.S. within that same week, and met with instant success. It collected $527 million across the globe and became the eighth grossing movie of that year, to say the least!

The movie follows all the characters that every fan of The Simpsons, hardcore or mild, is already familiar with as the government traps them under a giant dome for environmental reasons after Homer dumps a whole silo of his newly acquired pet pig’s excrements into the Springfield lake. The movie also features Tom Hanks as himself, who advertises the “new Grand Canyon” located in the spot where Springfield is planned on getting blown up, as well as Green Day, as the alternative/punk band performs the sitcom’s theme song before dying in a Titanic-parodied fashion.

It took exactly 12 years to this very week since the first movie’s release for this official announcement, but at long last, we’re finally here!

The show’s creator Matt Groening confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 that there will be a sequel film made, and it will be due in part to Disney: since the House of Mouse had acquired 20th Century Fox, the new owners will “no doubt” make sure that it will happen, which Groening assumes is likely due to the high potential for box office profit, helping move along the production process.

Now, the big questions that everyone, Simpsons fan or not, may have would be: Why now? What took so long? Does this mean the show is finally getting canceled and can be put to rest?

To answer the last one: no, there are no signs of the show’s cancellation anytime soon.

What you may not know about the first Simpsons movie is that it took the entire crew that was already working on the show (e.g., the cast, the main writers, the animators, etc.) because there was not an extra set of writers to help out with the movie’s high demand of work! According to Groening, it was because of a lack of a “B-team” for the movie that it nearly “killed” the show itself, saying that they’ve “almost recovered, almost.”

Now, that sounds like the main recipe for major burnout if there ever was one!

However, it has been 10+ years now since then and Groening did say that he is planning on getting more manpower behind this film in order to avoid another cinematic burnout, as well as another close call to death for the whole series!

Another thing to note is that one episode since the first movie’s release was originally going to be used as the plot of the sequel: the season 26 episode “The Man Who Came to Be Dinner,” when a Simpsons’ family trip to Diz-Nee-Land (an obvious parody of Disneyland) goes awry when the family is taken away from Earth to an alien planet to be imprisoned and eaten, was actually held back from its original airdate in 2013, after its production the year before, and later aired in 2015 because during that time, the crew was seriously considering making the episode into the next movie because of its “cinematic” plot.

However, Simpsons showrunner Al Jean stated that the movie would then be considered “noncanonical” with the series, even though there has been at least one reference to the first movie in the show when Mr. Burns attempts to put a dome over the town and someone says that they “already did that.”

Aside from the crew’s burnout, the short-lived consideration of adapting “The Man Who Came to Be Dinner,” and the fact that the show is still running, is that Jean does not personally feel the need for a sequel unless it is necessary and wants this movie to be a “great” one and not purely for the money Disney will surely rake in for it come opening weekend. Needless to say, pair Jean’s statement with Groening’s recent confirmation of a sequel, and we have nothing to fear about this sequel turning into another failed attempt to capture the first movie’s magic!

So, if you are thinking of rewatching The Simpsons Movie to psych yourself up for this upcoming sequel, then go for it because it is going to be more than worth it when that day arrives soon enough!

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