7 Interesting Stories Behind These Celebrity Tattoos

It wouldn’t be uncommon for one of your favorite celebrities to have at least one tattoo. While some stars chose to hide their ink, whether it is large or small, these celebrities have opened up about the meanings behind one of the thiers. Some more random, others funny, and a few sentimental, listed below are 8 celebrity tattoos and the stories behind them.

1. Kendall Jenner


The second youngest member of the Kardashian siblings, Kendall Jenner decided to visit more well-known tattoo artist amongst celebrity tattoos, JonBoy in Brooklyn, NY back in 2016. Jenner decided to get the word “meow” scribbled in her bottom lip. Jenner told People that she intended for the tattoo to remain a secret, it didn’t take long for pictures of the artists newest ink to circulate.

2. Adam Levine


Successful solo music artist and Maroon 5 member, is known for having a variety of tattoos including one of “California” written out on his chest. One of his less large tattoos is his one of a chain around his neck.  Interesting enough Levine told People that this particular tattoo is more random and got it spontaneously for no real reason while visiting Japan.

3. Lea Michele


Glee star Lea Michele explained to David Letterman that tattoos can be addicting to her, and it runs in the family. Sharing a funny anecdote about how they all went out spontaneously after Easter to get some fresh ink including the tattoo on her ankle of a butterfly.

4. Shawn Mendes


Sparked from a fan’s photoshopped photo of Mendes featuring tattoos, the music artist took note after seeing the image himself on Twitter. He ended up liking the look and DMing the artist to get the drawing to further recreate in real-time.

5. Halsey


While this tattoo significance isn’t necessarily erotic story induced, the up and coming musician Halsey opens up the meaning behind one of her many larder tattoos.  According to iHeartRadio, says she got her tattoo of an upside-down horseshoe to prove to others and herself she doesn’t need the luck to be successful in the music industry or other aspects of life but would rather work hard for the payoff.

6. Harry Styles


Member of One Direction, Harry Styles told People that the “G” on his arm actually stand for the Green Bay Packers. The story behind the G being that he would get it only had the Packers won in 2013, due to a bet that Harry made stating they wouldn’t. Because it seemed like it would be very rare the Packers lost, the artist got the ink before the end of the game, come to find out the Packets lost after all.

7. Tom Hardy


The messy script of “Leo knows everything” is in the works for Hardy after losing a bet of none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

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