The 5 Essential Boots To Have In Your Closet For The Fall

When it’s time to reevaluate your wardrobe for the Fall, boots are no doubt an essential to consider. With countless styles coming out every year, your closet can become a real mess. Rest assured that the shoes on this list will get you through the Autumn looking good!

1. Booties

Someone wearing a pair of black heeled boots going up a stair


Booties are the absolute essential for the Autumn, especially when in tan. These bad boys will go perfectly with your jean outfits as the season gets too cold for shorts and will match perfectly with flannels as well!

2. Over-The-Knee

Woman wearing flannel around her waste with over-the-knee boots


This style of boots has taken over the fashion scene for the colder months. It is the perfect shoewear that will let you sport that dress you want without getting cold during a night out on the town.

3. Doc Martens

Woman with long pea coat wearing Doc Martens


This shoe is an oldie but a goodie. Doc Martens are the ultimate staple for not only grunge-wear but Fall clothing as well. They go perfectly with a black ripped jean or that jean jacket you’ve been waiting all summer to wear!

4. Combat

Someone wearing black combat boots with black jeans


Combat boots take the grunge of the Doc Martens to another level. Combat boots were made to go with popular Fall trends such as camo and denim. They come in an assortment of colors to give you versatility. Not to mention, a good pair will last you many autumns!

5. Chelsea

Someone wearing black jeans with black Chelsea boots


This is the perfect fall boot that will give you both class and comfort. Chelsea boots are the ultimate pairing for monochrome outfits. Have a business-casual event across town and you’re going on foot? Opt for a pair of Chelsea boots!


Someone wearing blue jeans and purple UGG boots


Could I really have made a list of Autumn shoewear without including UGG boots? The answer is no. Breaking out your UGGS from the depths of your closet is the ultimate sign that Fall is upon us. With so many different styles making their debut after the shoe’s initial fame, there’s guaranteed to be a pair you can see yourself wearing with any of your Fall outfits!

Having your shoe game on point this Fall is critical, especially when you haven’t gotten a chance to freshen up your wardrobe. The perfect pair of shoes will make any repeated outfit seem vibrant all over again.

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