Top 6 Mobile Apps To Have On Your Phone If You’re A Student

The secret to killing your semesters is in being prepared for them. Often, those of us who lag at the start will do worse than those who come in well equipped from the beginning. Books and supplies aren’t the only things you need to gather before school commences. Now, there are a plethora of mobile apps that provide a world of convenience to students. Check out this list to get knowledge on the best apps out there for the school year.’

1. Dropbox

The Dropbox app starting up on an iphone


This app does amazingly in sending bigger files than your email is capable of. It’s perfect for those big presentations you have to share amongst group members, especially so if you find yourself without a USB. Dropbox can be a real lifesaver!

2. Symbolab

The Symbolab app on a computer screen


Having a major that involves a ton of math means you should absolutely have Symbolab downloaded on your phone. It’s a super calculator that takes those complicated equations and solves them while also giving you a step by step guide on how to do it for next time. Even if your major is in something such as the humanities, math classes are still a requirement at some point, so do yourself a favor and get this app.

3. Google Translate

The Google Translate app starting on a phone


Not only are math classes a general requirement, but so are language courses. Google Translate may not be able to write entire papers for you in a foreign language accurately, but translating a word or two can help make foreign language homework easier. Not to mention, college campuses are full of international student, and being able to communicate with them with the help of this app may enrich your college experience!

4. PCalc Lite

Calculator sitting on top of math homework


PCalc Lite is another app perfect for students who need to do massive calculations. However, instead of simplifying complicated equations, this super calculator provides extra functions that you can’t find on your phone’s calculator such as switching between degrees and radians, adding constants, and more! This app is perfect for the student who has to solve word problems consistently.

5. TurboScan

The Turboscan app on the iPhone home screen


This app may just be the ultimate lifesaver on this entire list! Turboscan brings the functionality of a scanner right to your smartphone, so kiss lugging around heavy books to the library goodbye! It’s super convenient to be able to photograph a classmates textbook page and print it right from your phone or photograph important documents to make copies for financial aid. Whatever your needs are, this app will totally save your behind!

6. You School’s App

A group of girlfriends walking together looking at their phones


Last but not least, having your school’s designated app can help you out in times of need. University apps tend to have forums for students by students to answer any questions or concerns you may have as well as provide shuttle information and even tickets to sports events! Check to see if your school has an official app because it will make your college experience that much more rewarding.

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