Everything You Need To Know About Beyoncé’s ’22 Day’ Crash Diet

We all know Beyoncé has been slaying since Single Ladies. Long-time artist not only has a variety of hits and high social media following but is also famous for her very public relationship and marriage with rapper Jay-Z. The two known as a power couple have huge brands as individuals as well. Beyoncé is known for her high energy performances that include complicated routines and vocals.

Some of these physically demanding performances include that of her headlining at Coachella in 2018. In a promo video for the diet, it is revealed to viewers that is a particular method created by Beyoncé’s personal trainer. After the performance of Homecoming and seen the video promoting the now buyable diet plan, the artist opened up about the strict diet she endured to get the results she wanted while on the surface seemed to produce results, however, included food cutting which created a plateau for weight loss. Many were surprised when the release of the video was released by an artist who is so heavily known for body confidence and owning her image. The spread of the fad is known as the “22 Day Diet” or the “Coachella diet” rapidly caught fire.


Experts say the reason diets such as the crash diet introduced by Beyoncé’s trainer now made for public consumption is dangerous is that the results are often temporary and slow down metabolism exponentially. Even going as far to call this type of restrictive eating a “yo-yo” diet opposed to opting for the idea of a healthier lifestyle. Promo video detailed the supposed “plant-based” diet not only doesn’t allow for consumption of alcohol, carbs, sugar, meat or fish but the concept of meal cutting for “22 Days” even though the product for the plan is available monthly for $14 dollars or the $99 for a whole year of The 22 Day Planner. 

In the video, Beyoncé referred to the weight gained after having twins, “a women’s worst nightmare” after further revealing that she herself “Definitely pushed myself further than I knew I could, and I learned a very valuable lesson: I will never, ever push myself that far again,” making it seem extremely difficult for young female fans specifically  to follow in their role model’s footsteps. Not realizing that there are several factors that separate Beyoncé’s results from that of those who buy the plan. These differences including that of a personal chef and people routinely observing to make sure the artist still remained healthy in this more risky form of trying to lose weight. This thus creating a grey area between pop sensation and everyday fans who want to follow in their role model’s footsteps.

Other’s such as celebrities and fans have even taken to social media to express their concern for this form of restriction with permanent weight loss as the end goal. Before one buy’s into this diet plan because of the way it advertised and the hypothetical potential results, it is also important to consider the circumstances surrounding the actual artist’s success in this form of meal cutting.

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