How To Organize Yourself and Your Space For The Fall

Although we are all used to hearing the common “spring cleaning” phrase, it’s just as important to get yourself organized before embarking on the upcoming fall months. As summer ends, it’s time to finally unpack from our miscellaneous vacations and put away our favorite bikinis. By organizing your wardrobe and living space, you will start the fall season with a fresh and optimistic attitude! Here are some tips and tricks for getting organized for the fall.

Go Through Your Wardrobe

Going through your wardrobe for the upcoming fall season involves a few steps. First off, set up two boxes – one for donations and one for clothes or accessories you want to sell. Before taking out your fall clothes, make sure you look through your summer wardrobe to see what you’ve actually been wearing the past few months. Whether you like it or not, there will definitely be a few pieces that have been resting quietly in your closet. If you think you can sell them online (try using Poshmark or Depop) throw them in the selling box. If not, place them with your donations. After going through your summer clothes, start to work through your fall wardrobe. Think about whether or not you wore certain pieces last year and if you didn’t, consider donating or selling them. By cleansing your closet, you will feel less cluttered and may even earn a few bucks on unworn pieces! After looking through your fall wardrobe, make a list of some fashion staples you need to restock on. That way, if you decide to go shopping, you can be targeted and shop for pieces you really need.


Now that you’ve gone through your clothes, it’s time to tackle the rest of your stuff. De-cluttering will help freshen up your living space so you can feel comfortable and be able to focus in your home. By finding a proper place for each piece of furniture, decor, etc. within your home, you will be motivated to clean-up after yourself and put your belongings back in place. Be sure to throw away or donate what you don’t need!

Organize, Organize, Organize

Buying organizational materials will help you clean up your space. The Container Store and Target both have amazing options to help you redefine your living space. Try bringing all similar goods together (either in a specific drawer or container) so that they are easy to find within your home or room.

Make A Plan

As the fall approaches, it’s important to sit down and make a calendar of all the important dates coming up for you. This way, you can continue with your organized lifestyle and avoid feeling overwhelmed by forgetting important events. To help out with organizational planning, buy an agenda or a large calendar to have on your desk or in your living space. Even mark up days that you want to dedicate to cleaning your home or days you want to dedicate to relaxing. The best way to end 2019 is to stay on top of your busy schedule!