The Bachelorette Finale 2019: Spoilers & Must-See Recap

The Bachelorette Season 15 came to a close last night and in the wise words of Chris Harrison: it was the most dramatic finale yet. In one night (well at least one night on our TV screens), Hannah Brown got engaged, broke off the engagement, and asked the runner-up out on a date. Whatever may be in store for Hannah’s future, we know one thing: it won’t consist of dog food jingles.

Like pretty much every other season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, there’s usually a good guy and a bad guy. In the case of Hannah’s season, the good guy was Tyler C. I mean, the man is perfect. Literally. Perfect. Even Hannah’s parents thought so! Tyler C. has won over America’s heart from the very beginning, so it was a no-brainer that Hannah should have picked him to be her happily-ever-after.

But you know how girls work — once they’re told what to do, they want to do the opposite! That’s why it came as a shock when Tyler was the first man to step out of the van on last night’s finale (notoriously, the first person to step out of the fan on any finale is the person that’s being sent home). After a tearful goodbye that I’m pretty sure left all of America very tearful, too, Hannah sent Tyler back in his van and ended their journey.

And thennnn we have the bad guy: Jed. Here comes good ‘ole Jed hopping out of his van looking all sweet with his guitar in hand. He greets Hannah, sings her a cringe-worthy song (everyone else thought that was cringe-worthy, right?) and gets down on one knee after Hannah tells him that he’s the man she’s “been praying for her whole life”. Sure, if you’re praying for a dirty liar, I guess he is your man!

Blah, blah, she said yes, they’re engaged, blah blah. Fast forward to LITERALLY the day after their engagement. Good ‘ole Jed is all like “Oh yeah, maybe I should mention that there’s this girl I used to hang out with before the show, but don’t worry it was nothing serious.” FALSE.

Next thing you know, stories break that this “girl” was actually Jed’s girlfriend. A girlfriend that he slept with, vacationed with, met each other’s families, oh yeah, and even said “I love you” to!!! Here’s the icing on the cake: the two spent the night before he left for The Bachelorette together as he assured her that he was “only going on the show for his music career” and that it would “make their relationship stronger”. That sounds a lotttt different than the way Jed described it.

Below is Jed’s mystery girl, Haley Stevens, showing how she spent The Bachelor finale night — with her Dad.

In true Bachelorette fashion, Hannah confronting Jed about this girl was filmed so that all of America can see what an idiot this man is. As Jed stumbled to come up with the right thing to say, Hannah ended the convo by — wait for it — taking her engagement ring off and setting it on the coffee table. *GASP*

As Chris Harrison brought Hannah out on stage for the live show, of course, the first thing he asked was if she and Jed were still together, to which she replied “No”. *BIGGER GASP*

Hannah explained that she “said yes to a different person”, not the person that Jed turned out to be post-engagement. She also explained that no relationship can “start based on lies”. Amen, sister.

Christ Harrison then brought Jed out on stage where he admitted that he’s “still in love with Hannah and always will be” to which Hannah, being the absolute boss that she is, said she does not love Jed anymore and that the relationship is over. YAAASS GIRL. The audience proceeded to clap (because no one likes Jed, literally no one), but Hannah, being the respectful woman that she is, shut it down. “It’s not something to clap about, it’s sad,” she said. Next time, we’ll stick to applauding in our minds.

Hannah also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live after The Bachelorette Live and even revealed that her parents did not like Jed. “I actually called my mom the other day to tell her some news and she was like, ‘Don’t tell me you’re back with that boy!’ and my dad goes, ‘Oh hell no!'” admitted Hannah. “I was like, ‘Don’t worry! Don’t worry!'” It was very obvious that Hannah’s parents had their reservations about Jed when they met him on The Bachelorette, as Hannah’s dad advised her “not to settle” and her mom explained that she “deserves someone that will love you like I know you should be loved”. Watch Hannah’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel here.

Now, for the GRAND finale, the finale of the finale — Tyler! As Chris Harrison brought Tyler out on stage, it was clear to see Hannah’s nervous giggle and fidgeting. Hannah shocked everyone when she admitted that there were still “feelings”. Of course, the crowd — and me at home in my bed — went into a wild howl, as both Hannah and Tyler continued their nervous giggling and blushing.

But then, things went from cute to HOT as Hannah did the unthinkable — ASKED TYLER ON A DATE!!! I would pay a lot of money to have seen what Jed’s face looked like backstage as that happened.

Finally, Hannah is (hopefully) back with Mr. Right and everything in the world seems to be perfectly in place. We’ll be waiting to hear all of the tea on how Hannah and Tyler’s “drink date” goes.

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