Top 5 Best Ways To Safely Decorate Your Dorm Room

Finding ways to decorate your dorm room without getting written up is a struggle for many creative college students. Sometimes the clinical feel of a non-personalized room can make a student feel less at home, but the stakes are too high to decorate how you want. Fret not! Here are some simple ways of maximizing the creativity of your dorm room without breaking any rules:

1. Bedding

Twin size bed with white and grey bedding


The type of bedding a student has usually says a lot about them. For some, it’s the first time they’re on their own and entirely in control of how their surroundings look. If you decide for your room to look a certain way, your comforter set will set the tone. Browse bedding on Pinterest to get some inspiration for dressing up your bed! You can do anything from adding a mattress topper for extra height and comfort to adding a ton of decorative pillows.

Tip: Adding a throw made of vegan fur will totally make your bed look extra boujee

2. LED Lights

Lights wrapped around a bed frame


Hanging Christmas lights in your dorm room is the ultimate sign of Tumblr girl status. The tiny lights framing your walls or desk can bring a festive yet chill vibe to your room, but it’s critical to make sure they are LED or don’t get too hot as that is a fire hazard.

Tip: If there is no way to hang them on your walls without causing damage, opt for draping them across your bed frame or desk instead.

3. Car Vent Air Fresheners

Someone removing an air freshener from their car vents


We all love a good candle. Not only does it have the power to drown out any awful smells from a typical dorm room, but they are also beautiful decorations on a dresser or desk. Unfortunately, candles are incredibly hazardous, and most of the time are not allowed in a dorm room. Instead, to freshen up the air in your room, opt for clipping car air fresheners in your favorite scents to the air vents in your room. You may need a few to notice a real difference since your room will be bigger than a car, but it is still safer and can be more cost-effective than candles.

Tip: Tying Little Trees car fresheners around fixtures in your room can also keep your room smelling good at a low cost!

4. Area Rugs

Pink shaggy rug at the foot of a twin bed that matches color on wall


Area rugs can make any drab space feel homey and elevated. You can opt for anything from a tapestry to a small shag rug. In any case, it should be small enough so as not to disrupt traffic or furniture in your room.

Tip: A small shag rug to match a furry throw on your bed can really pull the look of a room together!

Tip: Adding pillows and a bean bag chair on top of your rug can create a cozy space to read and chill in while also making your room look unique!

5. Hang Pictures

Polaroids attached to clothespins hanging on a cord


Decorating our personal spaces with pictures of loved ones and fond memories can instantly make your room homier and even trendy! There are different methods of hanging pictures up without causing wall damage. Two ways include using clothespins and twine or decorative tape. If you can hang a steady stream of cord between two walls and leave it slack to cause a “U” shape, you can then use clothespins to hang pictures along the string. Another method is to straight-up tape your pictures on the wall using decorative tape. Regular tape can cause the paint to come off when it’s time to take the images down, so opt for a special tape that will stick without causing damage. Taping your pictures on all four sides can give the illusion of a picture frame, and taping it on the corners can make your wall look scrapbook-ey. Play around with different styles and methods to see what you like best!

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Just because the banned items list is extensive at your school, doesnt mean you have to settle for a plain jane dorm room. You’ll be spending a reasonable amount of time there, so it’s worth embellishing with things that make you feel good and at home! Let us know if you’ve tried any methods on this list and what your favorite techniques are!

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