12 of Your Favorite Male Celebs Who Have Showed It All Via Instagram

The world of social media is constantly growing. Between sharing and liking photos it is rare to meet someone who doesn’t look at Instagram on the daily. It is a good way to keep in contact with friends but also connect more with your favorite celebrity’s everyday lives. These 12 in particular really got up close and ehem personal over the gram.

1. Eric Decker


Wife Jessie took to Instagram to show off her husband’s physique captioning it “#retirement.”

2. Justin Bieber


Bieber leading this photo with the classic, “mycalvins.”

3. Joe Jonas


Joe Jonas’ shirtless selfie is one way to get people to vote.

4. Calvin Harris


Discussing his intense work out routine for his caption, Harris smiles wide in his flexing shot.

5. Darran Criss


Criss shows off his sunburn and his “V” captioning his photo “So what’s more red? My sunburn, my speedo, or YOUR FACE???‬”

6. Chris Pratt


This is Chris’s “no beer” look.

7. Colton Haynes


Movie star shows us that even celebrities need their beauty sleep.

8. Michael B. Jordan


Jordan redefines the phrase “working.”

9. Ansel Elgort


No caption needed here.

10. Jason Momoa


Chris Hemsworth’s twin anyone?

11. Liam Payne


Weird flex for a “#legday” but no one seems to be really complaining.

12. Channing Tatum


Last but not least, Tatum himself.

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