The Ultimate Guide To Zodiac Compatibility (2019)

Although it has literally been proven that you and your partner’s zodiac signs will not determine the success of your relationship. It can still be fun and exciting when you find that you and your partner’s signs are written together in the stars. Here is a guide to see if you and your partner’s signs are compatible as well as what obstacles you may need to overcome if you are not. However, keep in mind that this compatibility is based on your sun signs, and you need to look up both of your natal chart’s online and get a full reading of your entire charts to see true compatibility.

The basic rule of thumb of compatibility

Fire signs  Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are best matched with each other and air signs like Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. Air can induce more fire so these signs work hand in hand the best together with little conflict. Water signs Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces are most compatible with each other as well as earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Water is nurturing to the Earth that carries it, and these signs truly understand each other on a deep level. So overall water goes with water and earth, and fire goes with fire and air. The best pairing is achieved when signs are matched with others in their element group, and good matches can be achieved when signs are matched with their corresponding element groups. For example, a Scorpio and Pisces would be the best pairing and a Scorpio and a Capricorn would be a good pairing. However, according to the laws of sun sign compatibility, a Scorpio with a fire sign like an Aries, or an air sign like a Gemini would require more communication and more obstacles would need to be overcome in a relationship. This is not to say that these signs would never work out, it just means that according to their sun signs they may need to make an extra effort to avoid misunderstandings.

What obstacles will stand out the most in these incompatible pairings?

If you and your partner have incompatible signs not to worry! Here is a list of every sign with every incompatible pairing and the obstacle in that pairing that would be the most prominent in their relationship. Look below to see what you may need to keep an eye out for if you are dating someone that is “incompatible” with you!

Aries + Scorpio

Biggest obstacle: Putting your pride aside in an argument

Both of these signs hate to back down from a fight, so when they clash their arguments can be explosive. Your biggest challenge is learning to compromise.

Aries + Cancer

Biggest obstacle: Emotional reassurance and space

Both of these signs together will need to have a healthy amount of space from each other. Likewise, Aries needs to provide Cancer with more reassurance than they may originally think. It is integral to find a balance of space while still ensuring that both partners in the relationship feel loved.

Aries + Pisces

Biggest obstacle: Confrontation

While Aries never shies away from confrontation, Pisces tends to need headspace before diving into an argument. Aries must learn to not come on too strong during a disagreement and Pisces must keep in mind to address whenever they are having an issue.

Aries + Taurus

Biggest obstacle: Comfort zones

Taurus tends to move at a slower and sometimes more sensible pace than Aries who rapidly plows through life. In this pairing, Aries must respect the space of Taurus and not trod over them, whereas Taurus may need to break out of their comfort zone in certain instances, and not try to keep Aries in a cage.

Aries + Virgo

Biggest Obstacle: Teamwork

Virgo is an extremely organized sign that follows through with most of their tasks whereas Aries is fine with dropping their work and moving onto something else. Within this pairing, Aries must make sure to put up an equal front with Virgo who will become extremely resentful if they sense that they are making a far greater effort. Virgo will also need to learn to let loose in certain circumstances and focus on the bigger picture.

Aries + Capricorn

Biggest obstacle: Equal effort

Capricorn tends to shower those that they care about in love and Aries must make sure to not take advantage of this. Aries must learn to put in an equal effort within this pairing or Capricorn will immediately sense that they are being taken advantage of. Likewise, Capricorn is rooted in security and may need to step back and let Aries be the spontaneous sign that they are.

Leo + Scorpio

Biggest obstacle: Power

Both of these signs enjoy being in charge and when it comes to arguments, both need to work on their own styles of resolving the argument rather than fighting for control. Leo needs to be less self-serving and see another point of view within an argument, whereas Scorpio needs to be less passive aggressive and directly discuss their complaints.

Leo + Cancer

Biggest obstacle: Overshadowing

Both of these signs crave control, however, cancer is not as likely to say it out loud. Leo needs to make sure that they are not overstepping in their relationship with cancer, and cancer needs to speak up to Leo when they are having an argument without quietly using manipulation in the background.

Leo + Pisces

Biggest obstacle: Control

Both Leo and Pisces love to be in control. However, if they are unable to compromise their struggles for control can result in extreme emotional turbulence. Both signs need to check in with themselves before reacting toward each other and focus on resolving rather than winning whenever they engage in arguments.

Leo + Taurus

Biggest obstacle: Ego

Leo can have a big ego and Taurus can be extremely stubborn. When the two clash it can be as if their life depends on winning the argument. Both signs need to learn to compromise and be the bigger person in certain situations.

Leo + Virgo

Biggest obstacle: Practicality

Leo is a sign that can truly resonate with “Go big or go home”, whereas Virgo takes measures of extreme practicality. Likewise, Leo’s may thrive in big groups whereas Virgos may need more intimate spaces. Leo needs to respect Virgo’s timetable whereas in some instances Virgo needs to trust that Leo knows what they are doing.

Leo + Capricorn

Biggest obstacle: Life outlooks

Capricorn may think that Leo is too much of a dreamer sometimes whereas Leo may consider Capricorn to be a pessimist. Likewise in terms of change, Capricorn is very traditional whereas Leo is more willing to shake things up. It is important to see where the other is coming from in this pairing as well as supporting each other’s ideas and motivations.

Sagittarius + Scorpio

Biggest obstacle: Ferocity in arguments

Sagittarius can be belligerent at times and unafraid of brutal honesty whereas Scorpio has the potential to be extremely sensitive when told a harsh truth. Within arguments, Sagittarius will not hold back on their iron honesty whereas Scorpio will not hold back on their hurtful retaliation. Within arguments both need to learn to step back and keep each other’s feelings in mind in order to not say anything that they might regret.

Sagittarius + Cancer

Biggest obstacle: Validation

Cancer is in constant need of knowing that their partner cares the same way for them, and has the capability to latch onto someone very quickly. Sagittarius can be flighty at times and may lack the stability that cancer needs in a relationship. In this relationship, Cancer may need to just go with the flow at times and Saggitarius needs to show cancer that even though they may be distant at times it doesn’t mean that they don’t care.

Sagittarius + Pisces

Biggest obstacle: Commitment

Both Pisces and Saggitarius shy away from the idea of commitment. However, both will also crave consistency from the other. This leaves a back and forth of flakiness and being together 24/7. Both signs need to work on clearly articulating what they want in the relationship as well as what they’re uncomfortable with.

Sagittarius + Taurus

Biggest obstacle: Finances

Taurus is a sign that is known for frugality, and Saggitarius is quite the opposite. This may seem like a small obstacle in the grand scheme of things, however, it really goes into differences in impulse as well as priorities. Make sure that you both want the same thing in this pairing, and learn to respect each other’s ways of life whether it be enjoying the moment and spending or saving up for the big vacation later.

Sagittarius + Virgo

Biggest obstacle: Fairness

Virgo is a prominent giver among the signs, and although there is no malice behind their intent, Saggitarius can be a taker without realizing that they are not giving back as much. Likewise, where Virgo is quite grounded, Saggitarius has more of a flighty nature which can leave Virgo feeling insecure in the relationship. In order to overcome this obstacle, both signs need to reach a common ground of understanding toward each other and talk out their tendencies in a relationship.

Sagittarius + Capricorn

Biggest obstacle: Agreement

Both signs are set in their ways and disagreements are prominent throughout this fire-earth relationship. There is a lot of clashing in terms of ways of life and a couple carrying these signs may feel as if they can never agree on anything. However, all hope is not lost, both signs need to work on compromise and understanding in order to make this relationship thrive.

Gemini + Scorpio

Biggest obstacle: Trust

Gemini is flirtatious by nature and a social butterfly. This can poke at Scorpio’s tendencies of jealousy and cause them to question their trust. There is no need for Gemini to back down in terms of their socialization, but they will need to take into consideration Scorpios feelings from time to time. Likewise, Scorpio must work on not questioning Gemini’s loyalty, and take them for who they are.

Gemini + Cancer

Biggest obstacle: Social styles

Cancer may crave more intimate settings whereas the social Gemini may yearn for large and lavish social settings. There needs to be a lot of compromise in terms of how this pair goes out and enjoys their nightlife. Gemini needs to make sure that they don’t leave Cancer to dry while out, and Cancer needs to make sure that they aren’t holding Gemini back from the potential fun they could experience.

Gemini + Pisces

Biggest obstacle: Overanalyzing

Gemini and Pisces can both crave perfection within a partner in relation to themselves, this pairing will need to learn to enjoy what they have rather than overthinking themselves into a hole. Just remember that if you like them then you like them! You don’t need to think any deeper than that especially if the relationship is early. Likewise, there may be comparisons within lifestyle choices. Gemini will need to learn to take it easy sometimes and Pisces will need to learn to just enjoy the moment more.

Gemini + Taurus

Biggest obstacle: Lifestyle choices

Gemini lives life with extreme spontaneity and Taurus loves tradition and security. Likewise, Taurus has a stubborn nature that at times can be unwilling to change, whereas Gemini welcomes change but doesn’t like to feel controlled at any point in time. The two will have to examine the others lifestyle differences and make certain amends to keep each other content. However, they must make sure to also stay true to themselves.

Gemini + Virgo

Biggest obstacle: World Approaches

Virgo is practical and Gemini is impulsive. Gemini is perfectly fine with plowing through something while Virgo needs a carefully planned meticulous effort. However, both signs are also very prone to over analyzing and too much of analyzing each other’s differences could end the relationship.  Both signs in the relationship need to learn to go with the flow with each other and respect the other’s differences and approaches to problems.

Gemini + Capricorn

Biggest obstacle: Reaching a middle ground

While Gemini and Capricorn both have a keen sense of ambition, they’re also prone to having extremely different views on how they want their life to be. If this pair sees a future together they are going to really need to dig deep and find a way to compromise with each other rather than enlisting in an extreme mental tug of war. Likewise, there will need to be more communication regarding traditional values as well as change.

Libra + Scorpio

Biggest obstacle: Security

Scorpio has tendencies to be a little too mysterious at times, whereas Libra is an open book. Scorpio needs to learn to trust Libra and let down their defensive walls so that Libra does not feel that Scorpio does not care. Likewise, jealousy issues are prone to surface with Libra’s social calendar and Scorpio will have moments of questioning their trust. However, the main solution is open communication and compromise.

Libra + Cancer

Biggest obstacle: Confrontation

Both Libra and Cancer shy away from any conflict. Likewise, both struggle in regard to opening up when something is wrong. Cancer will hold onto an issue expecting Libra to know what it is, while Libra will hold onto an issue for fear of sparking resentment from Cancer. The biggest solution to this obstacle is simply addressing when something does not sit right with you.

Libra + Pisces

Biggest obstacle: Certainty

Pisces has tendencies to be flighty and fear commitment whereas Libra has a tendency to consistently wonder as to whether or not they have found the right person to be with. Likewise, both Pisces and Libra love to dream more than they like to face reality. Both Libra and Pisces need to reach a common certainty that they want to be together, and make good on their promises to one another.

Libra + Taurus

Biggest obstacle: Patience

Libra is a balancing scale and sometimes that scale doesn’t know whether or not it wants to go up or down. Taurus is almost always certain of their decisions, and when making decisions as a couple, Libra’s indecisiveness can get under the bull’s skin. Taurus needs to learn to be patient with Libra’s flip-floppy tendencies, and Libra needs to learn when to step back and finally make a decision.

Libra + Virgo

Biggest obstacle: Overanalyzing

Virgo overthinks everything and Libra can rarely if ever make a decision with certainty. These two may end up stagnant if one of them doesn’t decide to take the lead and make things happen. The biggest obstacle present with this pairing lies in actually initiating and being bold about what you want. For this pairing to overcome this, one of them is going to need to step up to the plate or they both risk the relationship evaporating altogether.

Libra + Capricorn

Biggest obstacle: Priorities

Capricorn is a go-getter and will always make sure that they are choosing what’s logically right. Libra tends to think more with their heart than with their head. There may be instances where Libra feels underappreciated because Capricorn prioritized something above them. Capricorn needs to make time to reassure Libra that they truly value them, and Libra needs to recognize that sometimes you truly need to put yourself first.

Aquarius + Scorpio

Biggest obstacle: Jealousy

Aquarius tends to prioritize their friends and this may not sit well overtime with a jealous Scorpio. Contrastingly, Scorpio’s mysterious nature may have Aquarius questioning their loyalty. In order for this pairing to work, both parties are going to need to be willing to give consistent and appropriate reassurance as well as space.

Aquarius + Cancer

Biggest obstacle: Reassurance

Aquarius is extremely outgoing and sometimes Cancer would rather stay in. Likewise, cancer is going to need to trust that even though Aquarius craves adventure they really would like to journey with them as well. Once this pair can overcome the issue of trust and reassurance they are unstoppable.

Aquarius + Pisces

Biggest obstacle: Clarity

Both of these signs have a flighty nature. Sometimes an Aquarius is very aloof and this can cause Pisces to be insecure. Likewise, Pisces may be very hard to get a straight answer from for Aquarius. Not only this but, whenever these two have differences Aquarius may be quick to cast the other off if there is a disagreement. Both signs must learn to forgive and forget as well as offer straight up clarity about their feelings toward one another.

Aquarius + Taurus

Biggest obstacle: Independence

In this pairing being able to cope with each other’s differences is essential. Taurus is very matter of fact and hates any stray hairs, whereas Aquarius isn’t afraid if things get messy. Taurus might consider the Aquarius life to be chaos whereas Aquarius may look at the Taurus way as too restrictive. Both need to learn to deal with each other’s differences and find a common ground in order to not be so overwhelmed by the large differences in their ways of life.

Aquarius + Virgo

Biggest obstacle: Perspective

With Aquarius and Virgo sometimes it will be hard to see where the other is coming from. Aquarius needs to engage with Virgo and shy away from their natural tendencies toward aloofness. Virgo will need to stop seeking perfection when it comes to Aquarius and learn to just go along for the ride sometimes. Both signs need to respect the perspective of the other and make sure that they are both making an effort to keep up clear communication.

Aquarius + Capricorn

Biggest obstacle: Future visions

Aquarius is quite impromptu whereas Capricorn thrives off of a routine. The flighty and laid back nature of Aquarius may unsettle the structured Capricorn, and the Regimented schedule of a Capricorn may not sit well with Aquarius. In order for this pairing to work, there must be a give and take and a common ground understanding that their ways of life are different from each other. Once this couple respects this understanding they can really see their potential to be a power couple.

Keep in mind that incompatible does not mean unsalvageable! Pay attention to the obstacles that you could potentially face in your relationship and make an effort to avoid any future misunderstandings!

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