THE 5 Fun & New Haircuts To Try Out This Fall

For many, especially if you’re a student, the Fall doesn’t only signal the arrival of colorful leaves and hoodies. It marks the start of a new year, new trends and new possibilities. Autumn is the perfect time to try something new, switch up your style, and have a little fun with your edgier side! If you’re thinking of giving your tresses a trim, why not try out one of these timeless styles?

1. Blunt Bob

Woman wearing bob haircut, round glasses and a striped shirt


This haircut is the ultimate chic look. You can take it as high or low as you want to fit your face and comfort level. Chopping your hair by your chin can be terrifying, especially if it’s already super long. Take solace in the fact that hair grows and by the end of next summer, you are free to try a whole new style!

Tip: If you don’t enjoy the look of a uniform blunt haircut, have the stylist make it shorter in the back longer and longer in the front for a fresher look!

Tip: This style is excellent for heart-shaped faces with thick hair!

2. Heavy Fringe

Brunette woman with thick bangs and a top knot


The start of the colder weather means using more hair to frame your face. It’s the perfect time to cut those bangs into your hair that were too impractical to sport during the hot summer weather! You can start with wispy bangs and add more hair to suit your look.

Tip: If you decide you don’t like the look of bangs on yourself, you can easily turn them into curtain bangs once they grow out, which might flatter you more.

3. Chandelier Layers

Woman with chandelier layers cut into her hair


This haircut is perfect for balayage enthusiasts or curly hair lovers! It is guaranteed to complement those with long hair that already suits them and spice up their ombre hair colors.

4. V-Shape

Brunette and blonde girls with v shaped haircuts


This haircut is the perfect safe place to start for those afraid of dynamic haircuts. You can make the “V” in your hair as dramatic or minor as you desire. Having this haircut means your hair appears shorter in the front or layered if you push it all forward, and very long in the back. This haircut also suits those with ombre-type hair color!

5. DevaCut

Brunette with voluminous head of curly hair


The DevaCut has taken the beauty scene by storm, seeing as how there just arent enough styles specific to natural hair. It is a haircut done unlike any other. While straighter hair is more often cut wet to get blunt lines, this hair cut is done dry and to individual curls. This technique frames the head and face one coil at a time to create a flattering head of curly hair!

Tip: This haircut is only advised for those who will wear their hair curly and natural most of the time.

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We love a good Fall haircut to go with our brand new pair of boots! Which haircut is YOUR favorite?

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