Julia Roberts Boyfriend 2023: Who is Julia Dating Now?

Everybody loves the radiant actress Julia Roberts. With her effervescent smile and fierce personality, she is always a celebratory clap away from being dynamic. However, there is an underlying mystery to the famous actress. Her dating tastes have shown to be just as eclectic as she is. From serious to light-hearted, from musician to cameraman, here are the dates Julia Roberts encountered in her life before settling into her marriage.

Liam Neeson [1987-1988]

Julia Roberts reportedly had an affair at the young age of 19 with the then 35-year-old actor, Liam Neeson. The two had met on the set of the film, Satisfaction. The two, in fact, lived together. Roberts mentioned him as “the first leading man” in her life. The two would go onto last for a while, the first of other older men Roberts would later date. Some close to her have said it’s because of the loss of her father at a young age.

Dylan McDermott [1988-1990]

Roberts met McDermott on the set of the infamous film, Steel Magnolias.  In the film, Dylan also portrays Julia’s husband. The two were engaged before ultimately splitting up.

Kiefer Sutherland [1990-1991]

People magazine then called it “the wedding to be of the century.” According to that same article, Roberts was purportedly seen at a cafe with Jason Patric, a close friend of Sutherland’s. Roberts met Sutherland on the set of the film Flatliners in 1990, which reportedly led to the break-up between McDermott and she. In 2019, in an interview with InStyle magazine, Roberts mentioned that calling off the wedding to Sutherland was simply because “this isn’t right for either of us.” She also told Entertainment Weekly how she didn’t understand why Sutherland seemingly made himself a victim of the situation. As time surpassed, Sutherland matched Robert’s merit happily by adding to the press that he was grateful she had called the wedding off because they were both so relatively young.

Lyle Lovett [1993-1995]

On June 27th, 1993, Roberts married country singer-songwriter Lovett in Marion, Indiana. The two also met on the 1992 film set, The Player. Due to each of the couple’s hectic schedules, the two barely saw each other. Roberts would be on set filming or Lovett would be on the road touring. In March 1995, the couple decided to call it quits. Despite their divorce, the two still showed a great deal of respect for each other.

Danny Moder [2002 to present]

When this pair met on the set of The Mexican, there could not have been more than a match made in heaven. Moder, a well-known cinematographer and cameraman, was already in a relationship when he and Roberts met. When asked about the handmade t-shirt she made sporting the words, “A Low Vera,” the actress replied that the matter was private and she stood by her shirt. Very little known is about the wedding ceremony, given Robert’s privacy of her personal life. The only details made to the public are that she wore a cotton pink dress while Moder wore a ruffled shirt. The two are also parents of three children-twin brother and sister Hazel and Phinnaeus, both 14, and their 11-year-old brother, Henry.