6 Hairstyles To Keep It Cute At The Gym

Looking cute for the gym can be a real game-changer, especially when you have no desire to go. Not only can new workout gear and bright sneakers make you feel good, so can a simple protective hairstyle! Check out these hair looks to wear for the next gym session that will have you feeling totally confident and ready to kill it!

1. French Braid

Blonde woman wearing a french braid and workout clothing


This hairstyle not only looks fantastic but is also protective! Keeping your hair neatly braided to your head this way can keep it safe from breakage and out of your face during those intense sessions. You can have a friend do it for you, or you can look up Youtube tutorials on how to master doing this braid yourself!

2. Dutch Braids

Kickboxing girl wearing box braids during workout


Dutch braids can be an excellent alternative for those with hair that’s super thick and make french braids too bulky. Splitting your hair down the middle and doing two on the sides of your head is a clean look for the gym. Not to mention, they are way easier to do yourself!

3. Top Knot

Woman in all white workout gear wearing top knot while stretching


Some of us would prefer not to have our hair touch our bodies at all during a workout. If this is you, then a top knot is a great choice! Not only is it chic, but it’s also an excellent alternative to the messy bun we tend to default to. This hairstyle is easily attained for women with longer locks, thicker tresses.

4. Crown Braid

Woman wearing a crown braid


This style is a little more complicated than the rest, but with a bit of practice can become a new go-to. It’s usually done for fancier occasions, but with two simple braids overlapping at the back of your head, you can sport a casual alternative. The crown braid going around your head is also great for keeping your hair off your neck during a workout. Check out some tutorials whenever you have time to kill!

5. Revamped Ponytail

Woman running on treadmill wearing a ponytail with two braids


Doing a simple ponytail is highly effective but can get a bit boring if overused. Luckily, you can effortlessly revamp this tired look in different ways. Anything from an added braid going from root to ends to a fishtail braid at the tail is sure to make an impression.

6. Low Bun

Woman wearing low bun during yoga class


The low bun hairstyle can also be a suitable replacement for our lazy, messy buns done at the nape of the neck. Keeping the hair neatly close to the scalp that ends in a tightly wound bun can keep you looking polished and meaning serious business.

[protected-iframe id=”56d7cd434d123614c8c0862d6e865749-860993-159517415″ info=”https://giphy.com/embed/42DMIvyKil7r5UU0SB” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]

Looking glam at the gym is not a must for women. However, it can be an essential motivator on those days where you don’t want to get out of bed just like a new outfit, and a fresh pair of sneakers can be. Let us know which hairstyle is your go-to during a workout!

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