‘Home Alone’ Is Getting A Disney Reboot & Twitter Is Not Happy

Twitter is screaming with their face in their hands like they just put on their dad’s aftershave upon learning that Disney will be rebooting every ’90s kid’s favorite Christmas movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney will be rebooting Home Alone, Night at the Museum, Cheaper by the Dozen and Diary of a Wimpy Kid for their coming streaming service Disney+.  Disney has seen a wave of remakes in their own properties in recent years, with the latest being The Lion King which earned $1 billion in its first three weeks. The motion picture powerhouse is looking to do the same with films from 21st Century Fox, which they acquired for $71.3 billion in March. This could also mean future Marvel Cinematic Universe films from Disney involving the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, with Disney CEO Bob Iger confirming that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is now in control of Fox’s old Marvel holdings. Although it is yet unknown whether these titles will be remade into feature films or TV series, viewers will be able to watch 300 hours of Fox content when Disney+ launches on November 12 for $7 per month.

Fans on Twitter have not taken the news of their childhood favorites being rebooted, with some Twitter users reminding the Internet that there already are four Home Alone sequels, none of which were as well-received as the original (the three post-Macaulay Culkin sequels have audience ratings of 30% or below on Rotten Tomatoes).

Iger described the remake to be “re-imagined for a new generation,” while Twitter users were quick to point out that the technology of 2019 is much more advanced than that of 1990, and Kevin McCallister’s situation could quickly be remedied with a smartphone.

Still, there is some hope that Culkin could make an appearance in the appearance in the new Home Alone, considering he was spotting on the streets of Los Angeles filming a Christmas scene in June.

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