Mindfulness: 6 Easy Steps to Get There

“Being mindful means that we take in the present moment as it is rather than as we would like it to be.” ~Mark Williams

We all struggle with living in the present at times. How can we not? We live in a world that rushes us to the next destination, the next latest gadget, the last day of our life. It’s hard to breathe in what is around us now when we’re constantly toiling with how to make it through the next day. When I have stopped to pull my eyes away from the world inside the screen and look around my room to breathe it all in, the sound of the rush lulls a bit. I guess that moment is what they call embracing what you have right here, right now.

Jesus Jones’ 1990’s hit, “Right Here, Right Now” exemplifies the mindful spirit of “right here, right now, there is no other place I’d want to be.” Then there are moments that can drag us away from that hopeful resonance. For instance, when we’re caught in a traffic jam, when rent is late when an unprecedented amount of bills are landing on us like an avalanche, the fear of being homeless, the fear of being stuck, or just wanting whatever we want more. All the time.

bird singing on a branch


We hear the same mantra time and time again. Live your life to the fullest, you’re not promised tomorrow. Is that from the light-hearted to the faint of heart? Or are we all faint of heart crawling our way back to simply being free? Inspiration channels all around us to not give up and to live our best life. With power media frenzies such as YouTube artists posting videos of their travels through their sickness, one can only agree and look deep within ourselves: wow, it really could be worse. And you know what? It actually can.

cat stretching outside


Mindfulness can be as simple as breathing in and knowing you have lungs to breathe in any way. The rest is simple:

  • 1. You have lungs to breathe
  • 2. Cracking your toes, your other sore limbs, and knowing you can use these anyway, today.
  • 3. The fact that our eyelids welcomed our eyes to see what’s around us again, today.
  • 4. When we, hopefully, go to sleep in our favorite bed in the world, that we didn’t end up in catastrophe. Such as never seeing our home again or not knowing where we will end up for good.
  • 5. The withering of a beautiful plant can relate to the being of us. We are so easily plucked from the earth, as strongly rooted as we can be.
  • 6. The love of valuing even a bird that hops its way and sings to us in the morning is the greatest form of mindfulness as well. Animals are not promised today either. Yet they roam, and run, and hunt, and try to live while they are here. And they breathe and stretch when they are ready to get up and move around.

So, there is meaning even in the boredom of our days and behind the old sayings. Breathe 4 seconds in, and 4 seconds out. It might be the last time.

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