Here is Why Student Loan Forgiveness Is Declining

In 2016, the Obama administration announced the forgiveness of student loans to defrauded students. Since then, the pending process has left nearly 200,000 people waiting for an answer. Morgan Marler, a 29-year-old mother, remains one of the many in fraudulent debt for $30,000. She was a student at an ITT Technical Institute, which told students that post-graduation their salary could be $70,000. She has since been able to find jobs that render from $10 an hour.

When she had asked the Department of Education to cancel her debt, she has since received no reply. Three years later.

Marler is one in thousands who, since 2015, have asked the Department of Education to forgive their student loan debt for fraudulent advertising and their calls have been seemingly swept under the rug. Obama’s administration was set to expedite the process in July 2017 for this student loan forgiveness. Betsy DeVo, under President Trump, has since been reportedly delaying the process of approval.¬†According to an article on CNBC, what may be also hindering the process is the consecutive amount of “student advocate special interests.”

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Basically, there are many mass phone calls pre and post-graduation with automated voicemails of people letting you know how you can protect your student loan debt. Being a recent college graduate myself, I enrolled into a “repayment program.” With help from my university, I was able to get connected to a plan through FedLoan Services, through which my loans were being pulled. Prior to becoming a student, I wrestled with the idea of college for a while. I refused to join the rest of my generation who were in debt for studying and trying to make a life for themselves.

I was in my late 20’s when I wanted to study my very own passion-creative writing. I believed the toil of unemployment rumors and realistic dreams vision for so long, that at this point since everyone even outside of the art field was entering murky future waters, I pursued it. Do I regret it? Sometimes. Not really. There were plenty of times I heaved with anxiety when logging into my FedLoan Services account and seeing the thousands of dollars dropped per semester. The amounts swam in my head, but I tried to not let the fear drown me. I knew there had to be a way to figure something out. Right?

My repayment program allows me to pay $11.71 a month vs. the original $430 a month to remain out of debt. Laughably, I told the person on the phone, I can barely afford my own rent, let alone another rent form. What I was told was the $11.71 is basically going towards barely the interest I accrue daily. Daily. That’s when the anxiety kicked in. I foresaw my future under a sea of bricks always trying to rise above, but barely able to get out. Unless, the person told me, in 20 years, my student loans are forgiven.

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And so, I wait. For my situation, paying a little towards something feels better than nothing, even though, it’s still probably nothing at all. I feel like I’m going backwards while I’m trying to move forward. The only way out, at this point, is to re-evaluate everything and downsize the loans by a great deal and cut out the interest crap that is essentially what keeps a person in debt, or diminish the loans in total. For now, like most of what college sadly seems, it’s all but a dream.

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