The 5 Types Of Swimsuits That Flatter Each Body Type

Swimsuit shopping can be painless and successful as long as you’re looking for the right pieces. Not all swimsuits are made equal, that’s for sure. Being in tune with what flatters and doesn’t flatter your body will ensure you get a bathing suit you’re excited to wear all summer! Follow this guide, and you’ll be hoping to get an invite for the next trip down shore.

1. Apple

For apple shapes, covering the midsection will balance out your appearance and bring attention to your beautiful legs. Opt for high waisted bottoms. The break in between where your top ends and bottoms begin will bring appeal to your silhouette.

Tip: Yes, one-piece bathing suits cover you up; however, a uniform colored suit will bring more attention to your midsection area. Go for ones with large prints for a thinning effect.

Tip: A tankini can do the trick as well!

2. Pear

Pear-shaped ladies are usually flattered by bottoms with a skirt attached. It adds a little more coverage to your bottom half while at the same time adding a feminine flare. Boy shorts paired with a bikini top is also flattering for this shape. You should also check out plus size swimwear if needed.

3. Athletic

Athletic-shaped ladies can benefit from a bikini that draws the eye to many different places. Opting for a monokini, high cut bottoms or one-shoulder tops is sure to be flattering and bring focus to specific aspects of your body that you feel good about.

Tip: Underwire bikini tops can be a game-changer for ladies with smaller cup sizes!

4. Upside-Down Triangle

Halter neck tops and high neck bikinis are flattering to those with an upside-down triangle shape. The extra coverage up top means you can balance your look with cheeky bottoms for a sexier feel!

5. Hourglass

Hourglass shapes can pull off just about every swimsuit look. Bringing attention to your curvy silhouette with a one-piece bathing suit can wow any on-looker!

Tip: If you want to make it a little sexier, opt for a swimsuit with an exposed back.
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Summer activities can quickly become a drag if you don’t feel good in your swimsuit. No one should be denied the fun of splashing around with their friends due to insecurities. Get to know your body type and shop with its best interest in mind! You’ll find that squeezing into that lycra can be more enjoyable than you once thought. Which swimsuits are your favorite?