8 Out Of The Ordinary Wedding Dresses & Where To Buy Them

A lot of girls spend years fantasizing about their perfect wedding day. From putting boards together on Pinterest to watching Say Yes To The Dress. This being said you can’t go wrong for classic white on your wedding day. But on the other hand, if you aren’t a traditionalist in the sense of wanting an all-white gown, here are eight unique dresses for your special day and where to find them.

1. The Nude Floral

Price: $49.99

This dress is great for those who like a pop of color and extra flowers on their special day. You can buy the dress here.

2. The Glitter V-Neck

Price: $135.00

For those who love a silver moment, this one is for you. Buy it here.

3. The Embroidered Beauty

Price: $59.99

Also available in white, this dress is similar yet different from the first and can be found here.

4. The Dressed Up Boho

Price: $229.99

Marked with touches of glitter this dress looks as fancy as it is unique. You can get the dress for yourself here.

5. The Beachy Flow

Price: $36.99

If you are taking your wedding to the coast, this is the dress for you and can be found here.

6. The One Made For Twirl

Price: $96.89

This classy dress is perfect for spicing up any occasion, especially on your special day. Get the dress here.

7. The Hidden Romper

Price: $25.99

If you are looking for comfort this is the perfect dress for you. With built-in shorts with a lace overlay putting on your dancing shoes is easy. Find the dress here.

8. The Touch Of Pink

Price: $69.99

Can never go wrong with a light pink look, find it here.