Top 10 Beautiful Must-Have Scarves For Fall

Scarves a staple item for fall. The best part about them is they never seem to go out of style. The numerous scarves in the fashion world continuously keep us warm. Not only do they keep us warm but they keep us looking stylish. Scarves are the best way to make your outfit look like you put more effort into it than you probably did.

The colder months always seem to last longer than hot months. Bundle up and take a look at what scarves you should be adding to your fall fashion.

Here are the best and most beautiful scarves to add to your fall outfits.

Blanket Scarf

If you live where the weather gets chilly in the fall, you’ll know about layering. This scarf is perfect for heading to work. It’s not too obnoxious and won’t get in the way. Pair it with a blazer and you’ll be ready to go. Blanket scarves keep you cozy and comfortable.

Plaid Scarf

Plaid scarves are a classic fall look. Plaid scarves are the perfect look for when you’re picking out a pumpkin and want to capture the moment on camera. Pair plaid scarves with jeans and your favorite fall boots. Pattern mixing is new to this old scarf trend. Try wearing plaid with florals or stripes and see how your fall fashion look takes a bold twist! 

Infinity Scarf

We are thankful infinity scarves are here to stay. Especially our necks. These scarves are infamous for keeping your neck out of the cold. Wear an infinity scarf in the fall all the way through winter will help you survive the colder months. You’ll know its fall when people start bringing out their buffalo check infinity scarves.

Tartan Scarf

These are perfect for frigid fall days. Tartan scarves are one of the scarves for fall you’ll want to wear in the winter too. You can’t go wrong with knotting your tartan scarf. Pair this with a plain long sleeve shirt or jacket and you’ll be ready for fall weather.

Cashmere Scarf

This is another fan favorite. Cashmere scarves keep making their appearance on lists of scarves for fall. This material was made for fall. Not to mention the colors of they come in like beige, brown, and maroon help you get into the autumn mood.

Thick Knit Scarf

Thicker and bigger scarves seem to be the 2018 trend. This look will add a little sophistication to your fall wardrobe. Thick knit scarves are the perfect mix of style and comfort. Thrown on this scarf and you’ll have people thinking you put a lot of thought into your outfit.

Wool Scarf

These are perfect for brisk fall days. They look adorable and cozy with a wool sweater. Keep it simple this fall with your favorite wool scarf. The chunkier the scarf, the better. Not only do these look stylish but they’ll keep you wrapped in warmth.

Polka Dot Scarf

Out of all the scarves for fall, this style stands out. Put on a polka dot scarf to add some playfulness to your fall fashion. You can’t help but notice when someone walks in the room wearing polka dots. There are certainly thick polka dot scarves to wear with your fall outfits.

Triangle Crochet Scarf

The crochet scarf is essential for fall fashion. The best part about these is they keep your upper body covered like a shawl. The goal with most of these scarves for fall is to make you feel like you’re under a blanket. You can add color to your fall color palette by wearing a multicolored triangle crochet scarf.

Houndstooth Scarf

Put on a black and white houndstooth scarf and suddenly you look chic. You can’t go wrong with these luxurious scarves for fall. These are great if you don’t have time to think about what to wear. Add a pop of pattern to your look when you wear this with a solid color shirt.