Heart Emoji Meanings: What Does Each Color Heart Emoji Mean?

1Strangely but true, the color of the heart emojis you send can convey certain messages with various meanings. Although there are no definitions or absolute translations as to what each color heart emoji means, we may have some general tips and guidelines for you to follow, you know, in case you want to slip in a heart emoji intended for your crush, not your brother..?

1. Red Heart ❤️


The red heart as you expected is the most basic but considered the most romantic. It can be accounted for as a timeless, platonic-love or support emoji as well during times of grief or loss. However, it’s probably going to impress you only the first time when you’ve received or sent it. After sending and receiving this a first few times with your loved one, it probably doesn’t become a statement anymore.

Good for: The start of a new relationship, showing platonic friend support.
Bad for: Following up after a first date.

2. Orange Heart 🧡

Hmmm well this one has a nickname alright, ‘the coward’s red heart’. Its usually supported by male partners that ultimately decide to send a non-committal version of the red heart instead. Now is that not such an obvious sign from the guys, ladies? It’s too much of a coincidence to pick the orange heart emoji when it’s placed next to the red heart and at that too random of a color to mean anything.
Good for: Situationships going nowhere.
Bad for: Anything beyond that.

3. Yellow Heart 💛

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It’s safe to say that this heart is very gentle. So it is likely intended and utilized for familial relationships, friendship (not just your friends but other supportive figures), or romance moving onto friendship territory. Maybe that is why this emoji is seen mostly around Mother’s Day and within conversations with your elderly loved ones.
Good for: Family and the start of a new relationship showing affection.
Bad for: Anyone you’ve ever seen naked or would like to eventually see naked.

4. Green Heart 💚

It’s not that corny. Although it is green, it doesn’t mean there is an environmental subtext to it. Though people who do good and love the earth heavily support this color of emoji. But believe it or not, it’s a sign of a bragging heart. Typically your friend that volunteers probably uses it excessively. Oh and this heart tends to speak more on the sender’s behalf than any relationship the sender has with the receiver.

Good for: Acquaintances, mutual friends, and probably junior varsity friends.
Bad for: Anyone you wouldn’t accept on LinkedIn.

5. Blue Heart 💙

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Blue hearts equals bro energy. This classic collegiate tone of a royal blue just screams, ‘Just guys being dudes.’ By all means, it does not indicate a gender factor but because it implies a form of shallow friendship. We see that you don’t send this blue heart to someone you completely trust, but instead to someone you see once a month.

Good for: Random DMs on Instagram in a non-sexual context, group chats for those awkward silences, and texting your parents when they check-in
Bad for: Hmm it’s hard to misuse this one; can’t go wrong here.

6. Purple Heart 💜

Alright, let’s get real here, we all know that the purple heart is a horny emoji; thanks to Ty Dolla Sign’s Purple Emoji. But despite that, it is also related to your grandpa’s purple heart if you see this cropping up in a family group chat. Thank you for your service, soldier. Risky little heart here having two intended completely different meanings.
Good for: Shamelessly booty calling someone.
Bad for: Anyone whose parents you’ve met.

7. Black Heart 🖤

How ironic can this emoji get than its portrayed color applied on a heart? Well, it can because it is used ironically as well. The black heart is a symbol of deep, embarrassing, romantic love. Just imagine how your crush breaks your hopes within seconds because your heart is within their hands making you so anxious by the minute. What an adrenaline.
Good for: Your soulmate.
Bad for: Someone you’re very casually dating.

8. Broken Heart 💔

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Yes, we know you are upset with each other so you fight. But is it really necessary to use this sign of a broken heart just for that one moment, even though you know you still love them? The irony, though. Disappointing your partner by milking them is a no no.
Good for: Giving your partner a hard time if they disappoint you.
Bad for: Truly expressing a broken heart or shattered expectations.

9. Heart Exclamation Point ❣️

This heart is so loveable for it’s versatility. Add a dash of this to a casual crush or new boyfriend, friends or even family because it’s all good. This heart radiates and tickles with excitement as the exclamation point below the heart implies that you genuinely love the other person’s company and therefore can’t wait to see them. Also, use this for confirming plans at the moment as this emoji also intends immediacy.

Good for: Relaying someone your ETA when you’re meeting up, signing off a “catching up” session, setting date plans in place.
Bad for: Serious talks.

10. Two Static Pink Hearts 💕

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Okay, talk about being super flirtatious. Use this emoji when you start dating someone because it’s good to be fun and teasing in the beginning of the relationship getting you all excited. And hey, who says this cannot be used for BFFs. It has a very ‘you and I until the end of time and no one understands us’ vibes as well.
Good for: Dating someone new you really like, flirty DM slides, the constant talks with you and your BFF. 
Bad for: Someone you’re about to break up with, or anyone you can sense is into you more than you are them.

11. Orbiting Pink Hearts 💞

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Also known as, ‘the Mind-Meld heart’ because it is intended for when you and someone else are on the same level about something and jinx each other.
Good for: Heavy talks via text, accepting an apology, forgiving someone, and apologizing to someone yourself. 
Bad for: Platonic friendships.

12. Vibrating Pink Heart 💓

Just like the heart is rocking, you are also vibing. You appreciate the other person and believe or not, this emoji is a good apology heart no matter what end of the apology you’re on. It’s saying, ‘All is forgiven,’ or ‘I understand and still accept you as you are.’
Good for: Apologies, confessions of love, crushes. 
Bad for: Platonic friendships.

13. Pink Heart Growing in Size 💗

Ermm.. this heart is a tricky one to interpret. Though it is growing in size, the intended portrayal of the emoji is never the case. Grinch, much? However, some emoji scholars interpret this as a beating heart, so it is likely a complimentary emoji to send and receive. But unfortunately, they are wrong as well.

Good for: An apology tour after terrorizing Whoville.
Bad for: Every other context; in other words, try not to use this emoji so much or at all.

14. Sparkle Heart 💖

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We can safely name this, ‘the Neutral Good’ of heart emojis. You can’t really go wrong using this heart because it doesn’t have any sense of romantic implications. It’s a cute, playful package. So use this freely in almost any type of conversations to relay a message of ‘I appreciate you’ without being too burdensome.
Good for: Anything, honestly.
Bad for: Again, hard to go wrong here.

15. Heart With Arrow Through It 💘

So this heart is sadly less used and therefore, often forgotten by most. As to why when you do see one it is best to read into the meaning of it carefully. So, do send with caution, as it likely will be scrutinized by the receiver. Though traditionalists would believe it’s just a symbol of new love, the reality is that there are so many other heart emojis to symbolize new love, that this one gets unappreciated.
Good for: Your long-term S.O. of several years where truly nothing is new anymore.
Bad for: That platonic friend you’ve always thought was kind of cute.

16. Pink Heart Wrapped With Ribbon 💝

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Boy, are you lucky when you have the freedom to use this heart contently. It’s the unironic ‘my heart is yours for the taking’ emoji. Really hard to justify this in any non-romantic relationship.
Good for: If you’re totally smitten with someone and they are, too.
Bad for: If you’re not on an equal footing in this situationship.

17. Purple Text Box Heart 💟

Wait, people actually use this? What is this? You know what, nevermind. Come on, now, it’s unacceptable, full stop. There are so many more to choose from.

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