How To Start A Beauty YouTube Channel: 7 Important Steps

Becoming a beauty guru is something more girls are dreaming about every passing day. With the likes of Jeffree Star, Nikkie Tutorials, and Tati Westbrook among the heavy hitters, girls fantasize about being in their shoes and doing what they love as a career, too. It is now easier than ever to take matters into your own hands to harness the type of career you want, thanks to YouTube. For some, fame and success started at their first uploaded video, and for others, it took some time, patience, and dedication. Whether you’re looking to make something of it or have a fun pastime, here are the first steps to take to get you started:

1. Establish Your Content

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First things first, decide who your target audience is and exactly what kind of content people can expect on your channel. Will you be reviewing drugstore products for struggling college students or doing professional tutorials for people looking to DIY their prom makeup? Either way, establishing these two things will help you market yourself better and attract the views you want. But don’t worry! Your channel can evolve with you if you change your mind later on.

2. Get A Camera

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Luckily, there are tons of DSLR cameras available that can be both affordable and do a perfect job at filming your videos. Because a beauty guru needs to be able to film themselves, their makeup and their products with clarity, opt for ones with clear focus and crystal video capturing. If getting a camera will break the bank, but you have a smartphone, a better option might be to get a tripod designed to carry a phone and film on that. Plenty of YouTubers have filmed compelling vlogs from the comfort of their iPhones and selfie sticks!

3. Get A Ring Light

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Having a ring light for your videos is highly essential as a beauty YouTuber. Having these bright artificial lights stationed behind your camera will not only pleasantly illuminate your face, but it will also let the true colors and pigments in your makeup and your products shine on camera. Capturing the correct colors and maximizing visibility is vital for anyone doing makeup.

4. Editing Software

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Editing software can be super expensive. If you have an Apple computer, then iMovie is both free and the perfect place to start learning how to edit your videos. If you have a windows computer, there are free softwares available for download with a simple google search. There are many free and cheap alternatives to After Effects or Premiere Pro that will be good for total newbies. It is fine to skip editing your videos in the beginning while you learn to use the software. However, keep in mind that videos with long pauses and awkward stutters are more likely to turn viewers away! Anyway, you can always address a professional vlog editor who can make color grading and montage instead of you and at a modest price.

5. Create A YouTube Channel

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Now that you have the materials you need, It’s time to create your YouTube channel! The first thing people will notice from your channel is your name and your banner, so spend the most time on those. Your username will be your brand, so choose a good and unique one. Many gurus have simply gone with their names. Choose what feels most you, but keep in mind that it will hurt your channel if you are constantly changing it after uploading.

Tip: Research the dimensions for YouTube banner images before creating your banner. Making it the wrong size can cause warping and undesired cropping.

Tip: Banners are a great way to market your channel. Having your name and your social media links are essential to your banner.

6. Upload!

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Once you’ve filmed your first video and it’s ready for the world to see, it’s time to upload! Uploading to YouTube is very easy, but marketing your video so that it shows up in the search is not. Spend some time coming up with a straight to the point name for your video. Use tags that are relevant to your content as well.

Tip: Looking at the tags on successful videos similar to yours for inspiration can be a good start.

Tip: Thumbnails are a crucial aspect of marketing your videos. If you have no experience with photo editing, a still of your video with enticing words added on is good too.

7. Branch Out

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A good idea for getting your channel to be successful is networking and sharing your content across platforms. Link your videos on your bios, let your followers know you’ve just uploaded, and join forums for small YouTubers. Collabing with people who upload similar content can have you growing in no time!

Tip: Don’t ask for free handouts; it’s the fastest way to get blackballed within the YouTube community!
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Congrats! You are now a YouTuber! Once you’re acquainted with every step, it’s all about finding ways to build your channel, creating unique content, and remaining patient. Success doesn’t find most people overnight! Even if your growth is small, remaining consistent will catch viewers’ attention and help you build consistent viewership. Let us know if you have any hopes of becoming a YouTuber!

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