Lady Gaga Promises to Finance School Projects for 162 Classes in El Paso, Dayton and Gilroy

In the past two weeks, America has experienced a series of mass shootings at the hands of domestic criminals. For starters, on July 28th, a 19-year-old gunman by the name of Santino Legan walked into the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California and killed three innocent festival-goers, while injuring thirteen other people. He was gunned down by the police just in time before he could hurt anybody else. The following week, two mass shootings took place within a matter of 24 hours in two different cities. Patrick Crusius, 21, killed twenty-two people and injured twenty-four when he walked into a local El Paso, Texas Wal-Mart on August 3rd. He has since been charged with capital murder. Thirteen hours later in Dayton, Ohio, Connor Betts, 24, was visiting the Ned Peppers Bar with a couple of friends when they suddenly left. An hour later, camera surveillance showed Betts entering the bar with a rifle, killing nine people and injuring fourteen. The police also killed him as they arrived on the scene.

With all these shootings taking place and many people losing their loved ones, pop star Lady Gaga posted on Facebook an extraordinary announcement. Huffington Post states that her organization, Born This Way Foundation, has partnered up with to help organize funding for classrooms between Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

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In her post, Lady Gaga says, “My heart goes out to those who were taken from us too soon and to their families, loved ones, and communities who are left to grieve.” Born This Way Foundation will fully finance all project needs for 125 classrooms in El Paso, 23 in Gilroy and 14 in Dayton. At the end of her post, Gaga expresses, “In loving memory of the victims of the tragic shootings.”

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