5 Mediations To Make Your Commute More Bearable Using Calm App

Going from one place to another can be daunting and sometimes anxiety-inducing. Whether you opt to listen to music or a podcast in these times, the relatively new meditation app Calm as all your commute distraction problems solved. Randing from themes centered around different forms of travel and moods, here are five that can be found on the app guaranteed to provide you with feelings of ease for particular circumstances. The app comes with a seven-day free trial before it becomes $69.99 a year.

1. The One For Your Way To Date Night

Going on a first date or a date, in general, can lead to feelings of excitement and sometimes a bit of anxiousness, the meditation on the Calm app titled the Loving-Kindness series is perfect for aiding to those good vibes and get your mind more prepared for a day or night of fun.

2. When Work Is Making You Anxious

When given a big project or task, the feelings of making sure to do it correctly or additional pressures can be daunting. Luckily the app has a meditation called Relationship with Self series to ease your mind out of restlessness and into focus and clarity.

3. For When You Are In The Car

Driving and going on a road trip with friends goes by much faster blasting music and having a good time. However, a daily commute can become mechanical and even boring at times. Calm offers a three-minute meditation for drivers to spice up a regular drive.

4. When Crowds Become Overwhelming

If you live in a major city that is heavily reliant on public transportation, the crowds can become very large especially during rush hour. This can lead to claustrophobia and feelings of being extremely overwhelmed quickly. The Calm app suggests you listen to their Anxiety Release series when it all sometimes becomes too much.

5. The One To Keep Your Good Day Going

If you are having a good day and don’t want it to end, Calm app suggests listening to their Practice Gratitude meditation from the 7 Days of Happiness series to keep that upbeat happening.