Top 9 Best US-Based Airline Rewards Programs You Should Know

Loyalty to your preferred airlines and/or hotel chains can compensate you. In August, U.S. News released a study revealing the best travel reward programs you should join right now. After they gathered a lot of data, they have come up with the best air carriers and agencies of their word, which offer user-friendly and clear bulletins.

Yet, it is traveling season, this is the reason we have thought about you and came up with an article of such nature! Start joining the following brands and check out the benefits they grant to their loyal clients. Enjoy and safe travels!

TopUS-Based Airline Rewards Programs

The factors that U.S. News evaluated to determine top airline rewards programs were the following: earning points, discounts, geographic scope, availability within their rewards programs and their respective features, the total number of domestic flights and comprehensively, reviews by users. Here are the top 9 Airline Rewards Programs.

9. Free Spirit



Although it is so easy to earn points with the Free Spirit Program, they expire quite quickly to be honest, after three months of inactivity to be precise. It is like that quote: easy come, easy go… Additionally, what impedes this airline to be this far from the number one position, it is the fact that it is not easy to earn a free flight. this applies to basic and elite members. Though the good thing is, they have improved in terms of general service and accommodations within the aircraft.

8. HawaiianMiles

Hawaiian airlines


Although HawaiianMiles limits its clients a little –in regards to geographic coverage. Hawaiian airlines just fly over the continental U.S., Asia, the South Pacific and Hawaii, miles are gotten in a relatively easy manner. Basic members do not receive many benefits, unlike customers holding an elite status.

7. FRONTIER miles



FRONTIER airlines have limited geographic coverage. Their flights are narrowed to Midwestern cities and smaller airports in the U.S., such as Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Bozeman, Montana, among many more. Members of the FRONTIERMiles can get and redeem their miles in a relatively easy way. Moreover, they have the program option of Family Pooling. This is a scheme composed of an up-to-eight group of people where everyone’s miles can pay for one’s flight.

6. Southwest Rapid Rewards

Southwest airlines


This airline offers more than 4,000 flights per day to numerous destinations in the United States, the Caribbean and Mexico. Southwest’s loyal members can get and redeem their points very easily through the Rapid Rewards. In addition, all travelers can check in two bags for free.

5. American Airlines AAdvantage

American airlines


Members of the American Airlines AAdvantage can get and use their miles pretty easy. This airline is pretty flexible in regards to this matter, which makes it be on the top five. The higher the status and/or the more miles you get, the more benefits you receive.

4. United MileagePlus



With its recent improvement, United airlines offer many benefits to their loyal clients. Members of the United MileaguePlus program can have round-trip free flights easily. Additionally, it flies over +350 destinations around the world. Users can get and redeem their miles very simple, from traveling upgrades to concert and sporting events.

3. JetBlue TrueBlue



JetBlue’s no 3 position divulges nothing but their dominance over the aircraft industry. JetBlue TrueBlue offers numerous discounts to its clients and miles that never expire. It is pretty accessible to earn and use points. Miles can be redeemed from flight upgrades to Lyft rides. You can also book half of your vacay package with your miles!

2. Delta Skymiles


With hundreds of flights all over the world, Delta has managed to reward its loyal members with plenty of ways. Firstly, points earnt through Delta SkyMiles do not expire. Secondly, users can get and redeems their miles in a variety of ways. You can even book a private jet by using your accumulated miles!

1.Alaska Airlines Mileague Plan

Alaska airlines


Alaska airlines lead the aircraft market for the fifth consecutive time because of many reasons. First, they offer outstanding geographic coverage. They have partnered with many air carriers so travelers are not limited in regards to their destinations and more importantly; they keep coming.  Seconds, members of the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan can earn and use their miles pretty easy. Third, the award choice availability is great. Last but not least, status is reached by miles flown not money, unlike the competition.


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