12 Unexpected Gifts To Surprise Your Boyfriend With

Searching for the perfect gift for a special occasion or just for fun can leave you rattled with ideas for the perfect find. Especially, with the pressure of it being your significant other. If a date or significance is around the corner or you just want to surprise your man with a little something extra just for being him, here are 12 gift ideas your boyfriend did not even know he needed but is bound to love.

1. Fitted Cardigan

Fitted Cardigan


Price: $40.00

With fall approaching it is time to pull out all the stops in terms of apparel. Even if your boy is more on the laid back side in terms of outfits, this one is casual enough that anyone can rock it. Find it here.

2. Lightweight Robe

Lightweight Robe


Price: $26.99

Robes are incredibly underrated. Your man is sure to appreciate the freeness that comes with the simple tie of know with this soft robe for lounging around. Find it here.

3. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch


Price: $315.98

The most convenient thing about a Switch is that it is portable as well as good quality. This gift will definitely bring a smile to any gamers face. Find it here.

4. Weighted Blanket

weighted blankets


Price: $54.90

Looking for comfort while gaming? A weighted blanket is great for feeling cozy and a warm feeling of comfort for when you aren’t around for cuddles.

5. Movie Scratch Map

movie map


Price: $14.97

Netflix and Chill is out and scratch maps are in? This cute gift is perfect for those who bond over movie love and want to make sure they are hitting all the classics. Find it here.

6. Beam Soundbar



Price: $398.95

While on the more pricey side, this soundbar is the ultimate way to get a surround sound experience in a smaller space like a room or apartment. Find it here.

7. Moccasin Slippers



Price: $22.99

If the robe doesn’t provide enough comfort, try spoiling with these fuzzy slippers for the ultimate chill. Find it here.

8. Smart Charger



Price: $29.99

Nothing is worse then a dead phone, this multi-use, and slim charger is perfect for the type of guy who doesnt like to carry a lot and is looking for something lightweight. Find it here.

9. Classic Black Belt



Price: $19.99

Can’t go wrong with a classic piece to spice up any simple look. Find it here.

10. Shaving Kit

shaving cream


Price: $60.00

For the smooth man, nothing feels better than a clean shave. Find it here.

11. Sherpa Jacket



Price: $128.99

What doesn’t scream casual comfort like this jacket that you will most likely be borrowing every so often. Find it here.

12. Charging Station

charging station


Price: $39.99

To keep phones and accessories in of course. Find it here.

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