Top 5 Skincare Trends To Know In 2019

The New Year will soon be quickly upon us, and along with the ‘new year, new me’ refresh comes new trends and innovative products. 2019 is an exciting time for skincare that is both expertly scientific and environmentally conscious, which will bring refreshing, futuristic, and new age skincare trends.

2018 came with a lot of exciting trends in beauty and wellness like Vitamin C eye creams, superfoods for the face, washing skin with sparkling water, and jade and rose quartz rollers. In fact, many beauty trends that are being touched on as we exit 2018 will be heightened and see an explosion of these products into the new year.

However, as fun as the trends have been, it is no reason to be stagnant or dull in one’s skin regimen, mainly because the new year is bringing out of the world and almost magical products.  The advancements in cosmetic surgery to the mindfully made goods with holistic ingredients are sure to rejuvenate and awaken the skin and provide a splashing sense of inspiration.

Super Serums

Formulyst bottle of clear serum of Ultimate Youth Concentrate


Finding a legitimate serum with credible scientific support can be difficult. However, 2019 is bringing the real deal with serums like Senté Dermal Contour Pressed Serum and Formulysts Ultimate Youth Concentrate. This airy serum includes multiple components that assist in the development of fresh tissue on the inner layer of skin cells, and contrary to hyaluronic acid serums, it soaks into the inner skin layers where the impact actually happens. Unlike the components that only address the epidermis or outer layer of skin, this serum’s high-caliber components causes the skin to strengthen at the deepest degree. According to the, the first signs of aging can start in the early 20s with fine lines around the mouth and nose, so it is never too early to start moisturizing and using age-defying serums. And among the highest-ranking anti-aging serums is Ultimate Youth Concentrate, which is composed of genetically engineered herb stem cells and brimmed with a condensed sequence of sh-Polypeptide-1, sh-Polypeptide-9, and sh-Polypeptide-11. The intensely nourishing solution soothes and refines the skin, and reduces lines.

Scalp Skincare

Bottle of Briogeo Scalp Revical charcoal and tea tree treatment with dropper cap


The scalp is skin in need of nourishment just like the rest of the body, especially because it’s the place where hair growth begins and needs to be cultivated. Therefore, the same anti-aging ingredients applied to the face used on the scalp to maintain hair health and potentially stunt and reverse thinning and coloration changes.

The Blue Beauty Wave: Soothing Anti-Pollution Skincare

A black tube of Cult Beauty's All-Day Pollution Repair Mask

Cult Beauty

Going Green is a well-known beauty trend, but now the industry is pushing the envelope with the ‘going blue’ movement. Blue beauty is the concept of being mindful and taking extra steps to positively make a change in how one impacts the environment. Kapua Browning, Honua Hawaiian Skincare’s inception of the movement manifested itself from the creation of products that aid in the protection of the vitality of the ocean but has grown into something much bigger. The intentionality and focus on the environmental impact when conducting business for beauty brands covers everything from marketing campaigns for non-profit partners, packaging, and where ingredients are sourced. Blue Beauty is when beauty brands not only provide products that are sustainable and non-toxic, but it’s taking action with initiatives and partnerships with non-profits and organizations to benefit, preserve, and give back to the environment. For example, ingredients in sunscreen like oxybenzone and octinoxate have recently gone under close examination in the last several years for their toxicity, but it was also recently discovered that they have harmful effects of the coral reefs and are now banned due to Bill 2571, which will take effect in 2021.

Additionally, environmentally-minded products that are growing in popularity as a result of increased pollution issues are anti-pollution skincare products, which simply put protects the skin from the elements. After all, even with the best skin routine once city-dwellers step outside all the pollutants undoes all the cleansing. In fact, in 2014 Olay found that those who live in higher polluted areas skin ages 10 percent faster than those who do not. That is why there has been a growth in demand for anti-pollutant skin care like Cult Beauty’s All-Day Pollution Repair Mask to act as healers, detoxifiers, and protectants from the pollution.

Skin-boosting Fillers

Glass bottle of Dior's Plump Filler from their Capture Youth Collection


An exhilarating innovative filler technique and product is finally hitting the US after success in Europe and Canada. It’s known as the Skinbooster treatment, which applies an ultra-thin filler accompanied by several microinjection drops across the whole face, or wherever on the skin one desires to generate hydration in the skin tissue. Many spas are also developing treatments that help improve and heal rosacea, acne, oil production, facial redness, pore size, and discoloration in general.

Holistic Skincare

Lord Jones CBD lotion on a leafy backdrop garnished with lemons

Lord Jones

Holistic skincare products containing hemp and CBD are no longer niche. The signing of The US Farm Bill and the legalization of hemp is an exciting new era for non-hallucinatory Canibus based products and this $1 billion industry as a whole, which means there will be an extraordinary amount of hemp-based products to hit the beauty industry in the coming year. In fact, some of Sephora’s top brands like Josie Maran will be releasing hemp-based products. Though hemp-seed oil and CBD oil are very different and be wary that some products might be mislabeled, they are both beneficial and contribute to the overall health of the skin. If dry skin is an issue hemp seed oil provides the perfect solution with its moisturizing natural emollients. While CBD helps heal damaged skin with its hydrating omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids

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