Logan Paul & KSI Boxing Match: Date, Venue & Must-See Details

YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI, 26, have set the official time and date for their scheduled boxing rematch.

Paul, 24, is best known for his silly antics on Vine with brother Jake Paul. When the app shut down in 2016, they continued to create comedic and vlog-style content on YouTube and Facebook, garnering millions of followers. If that’s not enough to jog your memory on who Logan Paul is, you may recall that was at the center of one of the most significant YouTube controversies of all time. At the start of 2018, the YouTuber posted a vlog about trekking through Japan’s infamous “Suicide Forrest” and accidentally filmed a dead body in the process. Nowadays, you can find him staying out of the public’s scorn with his popular podcast “Impaulsive,” where he lets others take the hot seat for a change.

KSI, 26, is a British YouTuber known for his internet comedy and rapping skills. Much like Paul, this content creator shares the platform with his brother Deji and is no stranger to the drama and controversy that comes along with being an entertainer.

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The two YouTubers first went toe to toe August of last year, bringing their fans and the entire internet along for the whole ordeal. The first match ended in a draw, with both content creators agreeing on a rematch in the future. However, no one would consider either a loser, since the entire match generated 11 million dollars for the internet stars.

Fast forward a year, they are now scheduled to box each other November 9th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, according to The Athletic. However, reps for each boxer have yet to confirm or deny any news on the match.

YouTuber Ben Philips and good friends of the Paul brothers seems to think that Logan Paul will take home the glory this time. In an interview with Metro.co.uk, the 26-year-old vlogger commented,

“If you ask me, yes I do think Logan will beat KSI. End of. It’s just down to the physicality of it. Nothing to do with who they both are. I think of his crowd, and Logan’s determination as a person.”

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Many suspect another staged result, as rumors sparked that the draw from the first match was planned all along, despite both YouTubers denying any such thing. Who do you think will take home the glory this time?

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