The “It Girl” In Hollywood From The Year You Were Born

The world of Hollywood is constantly evolving. With the release of new movies and TV shows, fan favorites are never not present. Whether these women were beloved for their great acting or undeniable charisma, here is a list of the Hollywood “It girl” from the year you were born.

1995: Alicia Silverstone

Someone say Clueless? This actress is most commonly known for her iconic role in the movie that fans utterly adored.

1996: Renée Zellweger

Full credit for the phrase “You had me at hello” goes straight to Renée

1997: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Star of Scream 2 and Buffy The Vampire Slayer certainly turned heads.

1998: Lauryn Hill

A music sensation.

1999: Britney Spears

Spears flew after the release of her album Baby, One More Time.

2000: Gabrielle Union

Bring It On star’s fame blew up with her killer cheerleader moves.

2001: Reese Witherspoon

Most people associate one Reese Witherspoon with Legally Blonde. The movie hit theatres and people fell in love with Elle Woods and all she stood for.

2002: Halle Berry

While already famous, Halle Berry’s speech at the Oscar’s this year further captured people’s hearts.

2003: Beyoncé

Still a queen.

2004: Lindsay Lohan

The premiere of the still popular movie Mean Girls launched the rise of the already famous Lohan’s career.

2005: Rachel McAdams

Most famous at the time for her role in The Notebook during this time, McAdams was stealing hearts.

2006: Anne Hathaway

The release of The Devil Wears Prada after The Princess Diaries took this actress from liked to loved overnight.

2007: Jennifer Hudson

After being successful on American Idol, the movie Dream Girls sent Hudson soaring

2008: Kristen Stewart

Twilight. Need we say more?

2009: Lea Michele

Glee star took people by surprise with her continuous killer voice.

2010: Emma Stone

Known for a variety of movies now, Stone took off with the premiere of Easy A in 2010.