Enrollment of Out-of-State and International Students Is Rising

In 2017, more than 240 U.S. public universities admitted seldom in-state students. In fact, the recruitment for out-of-state and international students has increased more than ever. According to USA Today, every U.S. state has been on a wanton spree for acclaiming the most diverse population and cheapest discount rate. The new prospect allows parents to financially accrue fewer hardships and for students to take on more of a unique experience.

Personally, I have known a couple of my colleagues who were entering into a graduate program in Europe because of the cost of living there. One of my colleagues said the University of Spain was going to cost him half of what my student’s loan are, including room and board, even as a New York City transfer. Someone I recently met told me she attained her Master’s degree in England for the cost of tuition as well, which brings me to my latest thought in mind.

I, myself, have been considering venturing abroad to attain my master’s degree. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to explore every bit of the UK, and other parts of Europe. When I was 17, I dreamt of attending New School University here in New York City, to study amongst all the phenomenal theatre patrons. Life changes rapidly sometimes. I realized after pursuing my bachelor’s degree that I would like to pursue that small part of myself that dreams of studying in a place far away and encountering those who are in my same path to learn and develop from.

That brings the topic back to having unique experiences. While attending school in another state is equally exciting, living your life in an entirely new culture somewhere else in the world can deem itself downright scary. When my mother said she had left her country so that I and my brother could live our best life, I could only imagine how overwhelming that must have been for her. In a good way. You manage to learn how to survive on your own no matter where you are.

However, there can be a downside to increasing out-of-state students as well. There won’t be enough room for those trying to study in-state, therefore increasing a whirlwind of population, concerning some residents. The decision of welcoming out-of-state students is also a business. In 2017, the University of California gave $27,000 to every student they brought in. The University of Alabama has boasted to be one of the most diverse populated universities. However, not every recruitment is a success story.

For example, recruiters in the state of South Carolina sometimes have trouble leading high school graduates out of the state due to their universities having so many great benefits. Other out-of-state universities do their best to coax other students through the promotion of flagship football, school enthusiasm, and offering merit scholarships. Still, some in-state institutions hang in by putting forth other incentives. In the state of Tennessee, the students can attend community college for free, which is another difficult component to recruit from out-of-state recruiters.

Ultimately, it will be up to the individual student to decide what meets their needs.

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