Why Vacation Isn’t A Luxury, But A Necessity

If you are anything like me, time off from a crazy busy schedule is hard to find. However, maintaining a hectic schedule will drive you crazy and eventually cause you to burn out. Taking some time off to unplug is necessary for your mental and physical health.

Still need convincing to step away from the stress? Here are some reasons why it’s crucial to take the break you deserve.

Relax & Rest

Take the time to truly sit back and relax. Give yourself a space that you need to catch up on sleep and rid of any stress prone habits you have. Ditch work mode, and breathe.


Being relaxed and stress-free will actually benefit your health. Your clear mind prevents any risks of high anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate which are factors to heart disease and chronic illness that stress normally causes.

Improves Productivity

When you send yourself into overdrive, you become less productive because your brain is too overwhelmed. Taking this time off will help you come back and be as productive and efficient as possible.


Being by the water is actually proven to make us happier. It makes us feel connected to the Earth and the clear blue water clears our minds too. Try and find a getaway to the sun and ocean.


Taking a vacation to somewhere new allows you to become more open-minded because you are becoming more culturally aware and in a positive state of mind. When you return home to work and stress, this mindset will carry back with you for the time being and will help improve your relationships and attitude.

The World Doesn’t End

I promise you that your boss and co-workers will not hate you for taking time off. They will survive, and be able to get the work done with your absence. Your mental health should always come first.


Being relaxed opens the possibility of other aspects of your mind being put to use, such as creativity. This inspiration in your fantasy will transfer to your reality, and you can exercise these ideas to continue improving.

Live Your Life

Lastly, you live once. Make the most of it. I shouldn’t have to convince you that you deserve a little fun and adventure every once in a while. Ignore your doubts and opposing thoughts, and take the trip for your own health and well being!