Tom Holland’s Cool Reaction To The Spider-Man Chaos

News dropped on August 20th that our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man may have to exit the MCU. After Disney and Sony failed to strike up an agreeable financial contract for the Spider-Man movies and his involvement in the MCU, fans everywhere have been losing their minds.

Tom Holland’s social media is filled with nothing but comments from fans stressing their distaste for the recent news and bleak future of the superhero franchise. Many feel that we finally have the Spider-Man we deserve, but solutions just can’t be that simple when it comes to the money.

Instead of addressing the craziness on social media, the 23-year-old decided to post a photo of himself living his best life. Many fans have been vocalizing their concern about Holland possibly being out of a job, but it seems the actor isn’t even bothered! On the same day that the news dropped, he uploaded a picture of himself driving a fancy car with the caption, “Every lads dream. Courtesy of @wiresonly. Thanks boss man.”

Although it’s a smart move not comment on your boss’ quarrels on social media, especially so soon, it may be an indicator that the star knows something we don’t. Disney asked that any future Spider-Man films be a 50/50 co-financing arrangement, to which Sony flat out refused. When Sony offered to maintain their current agreement of Marvel receiving just 5% of first dollar gross, Disney refused, resulting in a stalemate. Many believe this is the end of the biggest-earning Spider-Man franchise, but it could just mean that the companies will continue to be in talks until something more favorable arrises.

Many fans of the MCU will continue to wait with their fingers crossed until we know for sure that our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man won’t be going anywhere. With nerves at an all-time high, Holland keeping things cool is the act of a true superhero.

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