Woman Shamed by Boss in Office for Not Shaving Her Legs

A disgruntled employee took to Reddit to vent about her boss’ audacity to ask her to shave her legs. The 21-year-old Reddit user remains anonymous but is suspected of being American.

On August 21st, she posted about how she isn’t a “hairy person at all” and that despite being “very feminine” and “straight”, she just doesn’t want to waste her money shaving if it’s not necessary. As a result, the suggestion from her boss came from left field. The woman described the events with the following:

“I work for a promotion company where I travel and work at event and festivals. But today I had to go into the office to grab some materials and my boss was there in his office so I stoped to say hi before I left out. When I ducked in he awkwardly asked me if we could talk about something. I said sure and came in and he shut the door. He was so red and stuttering but finally he told me we needed to speak about hygiene. I was in literal shock. I was so embarrassed and asked him what he meant. My boss then proceeded to tell me that a few people complained I didn’t shave my legs and they said it went against company policy that I wasn’t being hygienic.”

She continued to express her shock about the alleged requests for her to shave. When the woman pressed the matter further, asking how hygiene concerns have to do with the hair on her legs and even asking her boss if he shaves his legs, he remained silent. As a result, she is now awaiting a dreaded meeting with her company’s HR department to discuss what occurred.

The Reddit user decided to post her story on the “Am I The Asshole” section of the website to understand if she’s in the wrong for what’s happening at her job. Many users flocked to the comments assuring her that her boss was incredibly “sexist” and “misogynistic”.

Reddit comments


Reddit comment


What is your viewpoint on the matter? Is it a big deal to expect clean shaven beards and legs in the office?

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