The 5 Ways To Start Off The School Year Right

Each year school begins and everybody gets a clean slate. We set goals for ourselves whether it’s just passing or getting straight A’s. Yet in order to succeed, there are habits that one must acquire. Here are some ways to start the school year off right:

1. Stock Up On Notebooks And Pens

notebook on a yellow table


Do yourself a favor and get school supplies before the semester begins. There is nothing worse than arriving on the first day and having to use a scrap piece of paper that will probably never end up in your notebook.

2. Make Friends With A Classmate

You don’t need to become best friends or even close. It may even feel cheesy for a second, but introduce yourself to someone in that room (I recommend somebody in front). Ask to exchange numbers so if you miss a class, you’ll be able to stay on track with current assignments and catch up on notes.

3. Get A Good Seat

Photo of Classroom


Hold yourself accountable and get a good seat. The seat far away from your noisy friend and closer to the front. This seat doesn’t necessarily need to be in front, just somewhere in the room where you’re close enough to pay attention.

4. Dress For Success

Wear the outfit that makes you comfortable and confident. That one outfit that makes you compliment your own style. Not only will you look forward to your first day, but feeling good about yourself will make you feel more confident to answer questions and get involved.

5. Get A Planner

Keep both your personal and school life organized by getting a planner. Keeping track of assignment due dates and tests ensures that you’re able to give yourself the right amount of time to study. Having a planner also makes it easier to focus in class, as you’re not worrying about deadlines you might miss.

At the end of the day, success is all about preparation. If you study and work hard, you should be happy with your results.

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