Here Are Ways to Boost Your Metabolism!

How important is your metabolism? It’s when your body turns what you consume into a renewable energy source. It’s essentially like filling your gas tank up and the car using the gas as fuel until completely empty, like hungry stomachs. How can you boost your metabolism? According to POPSUGAR,“by increasing your muscle mass and lowering your body fat.” If you have a slow metabolism, which makes it more difficult for you to lose weight, be not discouraged. There are ways to help break the slow cycle and increase your energy into bodily fuel, as necessary.

Dr. Lofton also told POPSUGAR that if you want to lose belly fat, but have a slow metabolism, a great way to start is to reduce caloric intake so that your body burns more calories than what you’re consuming. He recommended cutting about 250 calories from your every day diet to start. It is also recommended to test what type of metabolism you have as an individual to better suit your needs. Gym management offices and dieticians can be of great use when seeking answers for what type of diet plan you should undergo.

We’ve all been told that the best way to lose weight is through strength training. While it is a great way to increase your metabolism, Dr. Lofton actually suggests increasing your cardio routines before delving into the strength training world. Reason being is for the body to lose more fat through “increased physical activity.” Any kind of physical movement can work to achieve this goal. You can take the stairs or simply walk more. Any type of movement is better than no movement at all. Your body will thank you for it, in the long run.┬áDr. Lofton suggests high-intensity interval training since the exercises can burn even visceral fat, which is the fat that surrounds your organs.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Loft recommends using strength training when you reach your goal about “halfway.” The more muscle mass you increase, the better chance you have of burning calories through exercise and even your everyday life. Another great way to boost your metabolism is through eating more healthy fats, like avocados, and proteins like fish and lean meats. Your body takes more time breaking down healthier fats and proteins, thus using more energy from them. Nuts, beans, greens, etc. make great combinations with lean foods, thus helping you stay fuller longer.

Finally, the greatest way to lose fat is through what I struggle with most: consistency. Life can exhaust you at times, but waking up every day and pushing out of your comfort zone, can help you feel even more amazed at yourself at the end of the day. If you’re constantly in thought about what you could be, consistently working on it, day by day, is what can help us reach that vision even further. I’m trying to wake up earlier this week so I can accomplish every said goal I have in my head, so at the end of the day, I can rest, but I did what I set my mind to. Let’s go for it!

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