Makeup Artist Carmindy Launches Makeup Company With QVC

Carmindy, who you may know as the makeup artist from TLC’s What Not to Wear, has launched her own beauty line in collaboration with QVC. This is QVC’s first proprietary beauty brand. The line, appropriately named Carmindy Beauty after the artist, will include sixteen beauty products.

The beauty line was made with one of Carmindy’s mottos in mind: anyone can find time in the morning to do their makeup. With sixteen products, Carmindy Beauty is divided into three product lines that you can buy now on

The first line is called “Carmindy Beauty Carmindizing Skin System 4-Piece Collection.” This retails for $70 and includes a primer, foundation, concealer stick, and a finishing powder. Yet the foundation and concealer only comes with eight shades, much less than what we expect from beauty companies in modern times.

The second product line is called “Carmindy Beauty 5 Minute Face 5-Piece Collection w/Highlight Brush” which retails for $60. This comes with a highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipstick, and a highlighter brush.

The third line is an eye enhancing trio. The “Carmindy Beauty Eye Enhancer 3-Piece Kit w/ Eyeshadow Brush” comes with three eyeshadow shades, eyeliner, mascara, and an eyeshadow brush. The combo retails for $43 but is currently on sale for $35.

There are also extras that are not included in these sets. There is a brow pencil with a brush on the other end, a makeup sponge, a blush brush, and more. Additionally, if you don’t want to buy a value set, all products are available individually.

This product line is perfect for kicking off the new school year, especially with the value sets to save you money. The products are currently available exclusively on If you are a new shopper at QVC, you can use the promo code TAKE10 for ten percent off your entire order.

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