Pete Davidson calls UCF Students ‘Fu****g Retarded’: DETAILS

Pete Davidson has reportedly insulted the student body at the University of Central Florida during a comedy show. The 25-year-old flew to the southern state for a stand-up gig on August 26th where students rudely used their cellphones during his set. Davidson was set to perform at the Addition Financial Arena in Orlando but instead ended up ranting about the embarrassing youth of this country.

The comedian reminded everyone that cell phone use was prohibited, although TMZ reported that the rule wasn’t stated anywhere, nor were there any signs posted at the venue. The SNL star goes on to call the crowd “f****** retarded” and even goes as far as to say “give them their money back I don’t give a f***”.

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Davidson hurled a string of cuss words at the audience whom at first cheered on his rant before realizing he wasn’t calling one person out, he was complaining about all of them and his entire generation. During the interruption he stated,

“Whenever somebody else comes to your f***ing town and wants to perform and is exhausted and flies all the way to the middle of f***ing nowhere to do jokes for you … privileged little assholes. Don’t f***ing ruin the show for people who actually want to be here. Don’t clap please because half of you did it. That’s what’s f***ed up. That’s why we’re embarrassing … that’s why the world is going to end in 25 years, because you’re all f***ing retarded! I meant it that way, idiots. Don’t you want adults to respect us? Don’t you want your parents to be, like, proud of you? Do you know how f***ing embarrassing it is to be our age and walk out and know everyone thinks you’re a fucking idiot? grow the f*** up.”


It seems Davidson can’t catch a break with the negative spotlight, seeing as how he was blamed for his engagement ending with Ariana Grande back in October of 2018. Do you think he was too harsh on the students of UCF?

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